Stray Dog Designs Namesakes: The Paulina Pendant

March 27, 2020 1 min read

Stray Dog Designs Namesakes: The Paulina Pendant

{Paulina and a friend at their school's Independence Day celebration}

Our much admired Paulina pendant is named for another particularly pleasing plum, our godchild, Paulina Perez. 

The Perez Family

{Paulina with her parents, Mariano and Lala and older sister Mariana}


Pauli’s parents are Mariano and Lala, our dear friends and business partners in Mexico. She is the younger of their two delightful daughters and is in the second grade at Escuela Jose Vasconcelos in San Miguel de Allende. Pauli shares a birthday with our youngest child, Franny, and will turn 9 on Easter Sunday. Pauli is a pocket-sized charmer graced with both brains and beauty. She is energetic, attentive and tenacious and these qualities seem to serve her well in her studies as she is always at the top of her class. Go, Pauli, go... We are so proud of you and look forward to watching you grow and flourish!


{The Paulina Pendant is colorful, hand embroidered beauty!}