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Stray Dog Colors

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In a world that's drab, we're committed to fab.

After 30 years of happily handcrafting home decor, Stray Dog and color go hand in hand. 

 While our palette has expanded over the years, our commitment to using the highest quality paints has not.

the stray dog color line

antiguan sky

Benjamin Moore 2040-60

Bahamian sea blue

Benjamin Moore 2055-40


Benjamin Moore 2024-10

douglas fir


Downpour Blue

Benjamin Moore 2063-20

Eraser Pink

Benjamin Moore 2174-50

forest moss

Benjamin Moore 2146-20

Kingsport Gray

Benjamin Moore HC-86


Benjamin Moore 339

Pumpkin Blush

Benjamin Moore 2156-20


Benjamin Moore 2000-10

Stone harbor

Benjamin Moore 2111-50

Stray Dog Aqua

Close Match to Sherwin Williams Rivulet 6760

Stray Dog Pink

Close Match to Sherwin Williams Dragon Fruit 6855

twilight magenta

Benjamin Moore 2074-30


Benjamin Moore White OC-151

Durable & Diverse

We use Benjamin Moore paint for its durability and diverse color selection. Plus, our paints are zero VOC which is safe for you, our workers, and the environment.

Color FAQs

You will notice on every product page there is an option (or multiple options) to add custom colors.

Please note that all custom colors must be from the Sherwin Williams palette.

Stray Dog Designs' colors are all in Benjamin Moore (listed below), but we have to import Ben Moore twice a year to our shop in lovely San Miguel de Allende as we do not have a dealer within 8 hours of us.

But we DO have a Sherwin Williams dealer in town, and that is why need a Sherwin Williams color. Our Sherwin Williams dealer does not carry color matches of Ben Moore, but they are pretty deft at matching by eye. Needless to say, we won't guarantee a match color, but we can also say no one has ever complained.

To make things easy, we suggest a Sherwin Williams color choice is the safest and most secure way of getting the color you want.

If you want to use a color from our Stray Dog line (below), the charge is $50 per color.

If you want to use a completely custom color from the Sherwin Williams palette, we charge $150 per color, per item.

The reason for this charge is we have to take careful consideration and follow your product from start to finish to ensure everything is correct. Remember all Stray Dog pieces are handmade and painted to order. There's no machinery or conveyer belt!

One special perk of being a trade partner is you get access to the full Stray Dog color line free of charge.

Apply here.

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