Dia Del Artesano

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 {Yola painting one of our Drum Shades in our workshop.}

Artisan hands

Today is International Day of the Craftsman

As you know the artisans we work with in San Miguel de Allende are the heart of our enterprise, both in body and spirit. Their dedication, ingenuity and skill breathe life into our vision. Bringing vibrant, artisan-made creations into your homes is the essence of Stray Dog Designs. Our designs are only ideas, sketches on bits of paper, without our talented team of crafts people. We depend on them and they depend on us.

Paper Mache Artisan

And now, this fragile microcosm of interdependability, like so many others, is at risk through the tiniest of tyrants, a virus. 


In light of the financial upheaval facing our beloved artisans on their celebratory day, we’ve decided to proceed with our Spring Sale. We’re offering a 30% discount though Monday with code CRAFT30. We hope shopping for lively, low-priced lighting and delightful, discounted decor will offer a distraction from the endless barrage of  “corona updates”. We could all use a distraction about now.

Ignacio, our resident tin smith.

Like you, we’re at home, hunkered down with our children, worried...about our health, the health of our parents, neighbors and friends; about the economic health of our world; about the stability of our small business and the businesses and livelihoods of our trade partners in the design world and beyond.

Making a stool.

All of us are beset with a multitude of concerns during this odd, obligatory period of isolation. Optimism feels fleeting and far-off. Thankfully, at Stray Dog, we’re able to work while “social distancing“. We’re available by phone or email and would love to hear from you. The bulk of our artisans work from home too, which means they also create in a secure environment. So please help us take advantage of the good fortune we do enjoy in this unfortunate situation, and if something strikes your fancy, treat yourself to it. Hopefully, a little sale score from Stray Dog Designs will lighten your mood, it will definitely brighten the lives of our artisans.

Workshop team

Be safe. Try to stay well and sane. Check on your elderly neighbor. Look for the sunny side. Love on your dog.  We are so thankful for your continued support, encouragement and loyalty.  

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