Stray Dog Designs giving back in San Miguel

Stray Dog Designs giving back in San Miguel

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This week we will be donating 20% of all sales to Amigos al 100 in San Miguel de Allende. Our dear friend Guadalupe Alvarez of Penzi Weddings, (who helped deliver tens of thousands of dollars of aid directly into the hands of earthquake victims in Oaxaca in 2018), is helping bring aid to those who serve and live around the San Miguel de Allende community. Their goal is to voluntarily get through the pandemic without hunger.

If you have ever been to the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende, then you know how much the town depends on tourism. The past two years San Miguel de Allende has been voted Best Small Town in the World to visit by Conde Nast’s Traveller Magazine. Every part of the town owes something to the industry, so when San Miguel de Allende prudently moved to “shelter in place” long before most parts of Mexico, they have been able to keep the Corona virus at very low levels. But those without a safety net, many who are on the backside of the industry, have been left dangling--but not forgotten.

 Amigos al 100 is providing families with

1 kilo of rice

1 kilo of beans

1 kilo of lenteja

1 kilo of sugar

1 kilo of wheat

1 liter of vegetable oil

1 can of tuna

1 box of tomato juice

1 box of gelatin

4 packages of pasta

1 packet of toilet paper

Also, whatever donations are given at the time: carrots, tomatoes, tortillas, lettuce, potatoes and whatever else they can bring.


Our artisans and workers at Stray Dog Designs are all safe and good and have remained at full wages during this downtime. But many around them have not been able to work or provide for their families. Our goal is to raise enough money to feed 100 families of 5 for the next month.


If you would like to send money on your own, you can paypal

Their facebook page is Amigosal100

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