Inspired by Leta Austin Foster, Designer, Mother and Protester!

June 12, 2020 1 min read

Leta Austin Foster's bedroom in the Traditional Home Hampton's Showhouse

There certainly has been a lot going on to say the least. Some despicable, some uplifting and inspiring, some head scratching and some uncomfortable. We are talking about race. And the discussion is hard and charged and complicated and layered with history. We’re gonna be better for it in the end, but it ain’t gonna be easy. And we’ve got a long way still to go.

Leta Austin Foster talks to a police officer while protesting the death of George Floyd

{Leta Austing Foster talks to a police officer while protesting the death of George Floyd. Photo by Megan McCarthy} 

We were inspired last week by one of our industry leaders, designer Leta Austin Foster. At 80, this businesswoman and mother of 6, grandmother of 10, industry titan and our new hero, took to the streets of a boarded up Worth Avenue in Palm Beach with a Black Lives Matter sign in hand to protest the killing of George Floyd and the President’s mishandling of the nation’s protests. She came out she said, to show people she had no hatred in her heart. She was the only one. The city had erroneously sent out a text that warned people to stay away. Shops were boarded up, and yet this protester showed up. This protest of one.



Thanks for showing up Leta. A lot of folks are showing up in a lot of different places across this great country. And that’s a start. We need to start showing up in a lot of different ways.

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