Stray Dog Designer Spotlight: Shauna Glenn Design

Stray Dog Designer Spotlight: Shauna Glenn Design

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When it comes to the designers we work with, Shauna Glenn has been one of our long-time faves. If you look at any of her rooms, you'll see. She's got an eye for funky, color-filled, playful designs. We are obsessed with pretty much everything she does. 

Maybe you know Shauna. Maybe not... 

If you don't know her yet, we hope you'll be inspired by the journey she took to get here and the things she's creating today. 

Scroll down to learn more about Shauna Glenn.

Pictured: Stray Dog Artichoke Lamps

What inspired you to fall in love with and eventually become a designer? 

I’ve always been plugged into the creative side of my brain. I taught myself how to sew (badly) and have tried my hand at painting, cooking, arranging flowers (for which I am terrible) and ended up landing on interior design. Of course this isn’t exactly how it happened but pretty much. 

We know you live and work in the Fort Worth area. How does your hometown play a part in the work you do?

That’s a good question. Maybe a little. It depends on the client. But living in Texas does give us more license/opportunities to infuse western art and photography, leather, and metal into our designs.

Pictured: Stray Dog Designs Terrell Swann Chandelier

Growing up, what was your favorite room in the house? 

If you ask 14-year old me, I would say my room with the door locked to keep out my little brothers. But if you ask regular me I would say the kitchen because FOOD.

What is your favorite room in your space now?  The kitchen is still my favorite.

Do you have any favorite spaces you’ve created? What made them special? 

Yes there are too many to name. But what makes a room “a hit” for me is intentional detail to the little things. Also I try to always incorporate black and white and use sentimental items if the client requests it. And of course you have to have fabulous lighting. 


Pictured: Stray Dog Artichoke Lamp and Stray Dog Sarah Lamps

We love your use of color (of course). What’s your favorite color to work with right now?

I love chartreuse, teal, and orange right now. 

Where do you source a lot of the beautiful pieces that you use in the spaces you create? 

I have my favorite go-tos like CB2, Anthropologie, DWR, Jonathan Adler, and West Elm. 

Pictured: Stray Dog Artichoke Lamps and Stray Dog Norma Lamps

Do you have any design predictions for 2023? Give us the scoop! 

I’m digging the fluted everything, walls, furniture, kitchen cabinets. I also love the raked plaster look for walls. So many creative people with great ideas. It’s exciting!

What are you digging right now? (Podcasts, books, music, movies, shows…)

I am a huge puzzle nerd. I can’t start one unless I have nothing else going on because I get in a zombie-like trance and can’t snap out of it until the puzzle is finished. It’s a real problem, ask my husband. Still, I persist. 

What is your favorite account to follow on social media right now?

I’m really into the cooking/recipe accounts, like @halfbakedharvest, @saltandlavender and @zoebakes

Want to see more of Shauna?

Follow her on Instagram here.

See her website here.

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