A Winter Garden: A Stray Dog Home Tour with Ashley Wilson

A Winter Garden: A Stray Dog Home Tour with Ashley Wilson

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Recently we shared this incredible room featuring our new Pea Pod Mirror, the precious Strawberry Lamp, and our Peacock sculpture. Ashley Wilson, the designer and content creator behind the magic, reached out to us several months ago asking to collaborate and we are really happy we did. 

As soon as we laid our eyes on this sweet space we knew we needed to see the rest of Ashley's home. Today's home tour is serving the perfect combination of color and whimsy.

This is @athomewithashley...

Ashley! We’re so glad we met you. Your style + Stray Dog is a match made in heaven.  Where are you located? 

Thank you! I’m in Logan, Utah. It’s about an hour out of Salt Lake City.

Tell us about your home - how long have you been there and how did you find it? Was there a particular selling point for you?

We bought this house 5 years ago. After looking for months, we finally found this old Victorian and it felt so special because it had character! It was built in 1905 and the trim, bathtub, and floors were original!

What’s your favorite room in the house?

I love my living room. The light in the room is so good. I recently added lots of bold wallpaper so it feels like a garden even in the winter. It’s cozy and a little weird with lots of interesting details.

Are you in the process of redoing any spaces right now?

I’m currently in the process of redoing my craft room. We took a guest room that we used once every few years and changed it into a space that I use daily to create and sew in. The bookshelves are full of home decor, DIY, gardening and crafting books. It’s a library full of topics I love so I feel surrounded by ideas and information. I like having a big table to spread out on and craft. Having a room to create what I dream up feels like such a gift.

How did you fall in love with design and home decor? Would love to hear the story! 

When I was in the fifth grade I was reading the book Secret Garden by Julie Andrews and in it, there’s a little house where the girl visits alone. The cottage has a room of shells, a fireplace, and a tiny kitchen. I couldn’t stop thinking of it so I took a cardboard box and recreated it. My older cousin saw it and told me that I should be an interior designer. So that’s what I did! I have a degree in Interior Design and now I’m my own client.

Where do you find most of the amazing pieces in your home? 

I have a few pieces from Stray Dog that I love. I also really enjoy antique shopping. Finding old interesting stuff that’s unique and special is fun. I’m a DIYer so I like to customize my finds by painting them or redoing the finish so it works in my house.

How does social media factor into what you do? 

It’s the place that I get to share all my fun ideas! 20 years ago having a blog and social media as a job would’ve sounded so weird- you work from your phone?! But I’m so grateful that it’s my reality! I get to design my house and am paid for it. It’s definitely a dream come true.

Who is your favorite person or brand to follow on social media at the moment?

That’s a tricky question! I have so many people I love to follow. I’ve been enjoying watching @jordanferny work on her two homes. She always adds wisdom with her impeccable taste. Lately I’ve also been enjoying following @kohler as they bring back some color in their bathroom fixtures. I think lots of people are embracing color again- which I love.

What’s in the rotation for you right now (books, podcasts, movies, shows)? 

I just ordered a book on wood carving (Grinling Gibbons and the Art of Carving)- I want to try it out. I’ve been watching the TV show Emily in Paris for the beautiful clothes. I’ve also been reading books on Artist’s homes (over the past few months I have read probably 10 books on this subject). I really enjoyed learning more about where Beatrix Potter lived in England. Many of her books are based on her home in the Lake District. When she moved there she was so inspired and put out some of her bestsellers. I also liked reading about Monet’s home. When he bought his home in Giverny, he was a poor artist. He put in a pond in his backyard and never planned on painting it, but became interested in how the light hit the water. Then, of course, his art of the pond became what he was most known for. I just find it very interesting how a home can inspire someone and shape their work.

Want to see more from Ashley?

Follow her blog.

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