Upgrade Your Joy: A Stray Dog Home Tour with Wendy Conklin

Upgrade Your Joy: A Stray Dog Home Tour with Wendy Conklin

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Our relationship with Wendy started like most of our favorite online friends... she slid into our DMs. Lots of content creators reach out to us every week asking to collaborate and only sometimes is the answer, "HELL YES!"

That's how it felt with Wendy. And everything she's created since we've connected with her has been a "HELL YES!" too. Her eye for pattern, color, and (of course) whimsy is everything we could ever wish for. 

Wendy is the woman behind @chairwhimsy - a passion project where she designs boutique chairs and teaches other people how to do the same. On her website she says. "I'm a former teacher, turned boutique chair designer, turned online educator. I share my unique approach to color, fabrics, and design to show others like you, how creative expression can upgrade your joy." 

Sounds amazing to us! Scroll down to learn more about Wendy, her mission, and what inspires her.

Hey, Wendy! Thanks for letting us take a peek inside your home.  Where are you located? 

I’m in the historic district of Round Rock, Texas, just 15 minutes north of Austin.

Tell us about your home - how long have you been there and how did you find it? Was there a particular selling point for you?

We’ve been in our home for 12 years. When we moved to Round Rock 20 years ago, we saw our home being built and dreamed of living in it some day. It finally happened, and we couldn’t be more happy. It had pecan trees, an upstairs porch off of our bedroom, and enough space for the 4 of us to spread out and enjoy our privacy and spaces where we could come together. 


What’s your favorite room in the house?

The kitchen, hands down! It has a basic white/black color scheme with the cabinets and countertop, which allows for me to layer in fun colors including pink on my settee, magenta chandelier, pink wallpaper, and lighted upper cabinets. 

Are you in the process of redoing any spaces right now?

I’m always working on a makeover!  Whether it’s wallpapering, painting, or just bringing in new colors, I am always dreaming up new things for my spaces.

We are in love with your quirky home decor style! Have you always had an eye for interior design? 

Yes, sort of! I’m not a trained interior designer, but I tend to follow my gut and do what makes me happy. I think everyone’s home should reflect their personality, after all, they are the ones who have to live there. 

How did you end up falling in love with DIY upholstery and making cute chairs? 

I’ve always loved chairs and would pick them up from the side of the road or in antique flea markets. I tried to redo them without much instruction, but once I took my courses, then I became obsessed with creating chairs full of personality. It bloomed into a business and I quit my day job as an educational consultant to do this full time. It’s a relatively quick makeover, so it’s pretty addictive!  

Where do you find most of the amazing pieces in your home? 

I get them on FB Marketplace, Craigslist, antique malls and flea markets. It’s my most favorite thing to do…hunt down great finds. 

How does social media factor into what you do?

It’s the way I connect with my audience and bring joy to them every day. I’m a content creator and it’s my job to spread my message of play, fun, and joy to others. 


Who is your favorite person or brand to follow on social media at the moment?

I love following Sara Blakely and Spanx! I love the message of building a brand like she’s done. 

What’s in the rotation for you right now (books, podcasts, movies, shows)?

I have a new book coming out in the next two months. Life Whimsy: How to think, play, & work more creatively will be available for preorder at the end of February along with a fun book party at my home that I’m inviting my followers to attend on March 25. Join in here! 

Want more from Wendy?

Follow her on Instagram here. 

Check out her website.

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