A Dash of DIY: A Stray Dog Home Tour with Elsie Larson

A Dash of DIY: A Stray Dog Home Tour with Elsie Larson

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About a year ago, we logged into our Shopify account and had an abnormal amount of site visits. There were so many people active on the site and we were perplexed... What happened?! 

After doing some digging (as stray dogs do), we found out that Elsie Larson had mentioned us on her blog, A Beautiful Mess. Elsie didn't even have a Stray Dog piece but the pure mention of us had her fans all over it. We thought, "Who is this girl?" 

Turns out Elsie is the co-creator of A Beautiful Mess, a blog she founded in 2007 with her sister, Emma Chapman. A Beautiful Mess has grown and changed along with the girls but one thing has remained the same, impeccable style. 

Elsie recently renovated her home and it is immaculate. Scroll below to see photos of her place and learn more about what inspires her.

Featuring the Meme Chandelier

We are obsessed with your fun and classic style! Where are you located?Thank you so much! I live right outside Nashville, Tennessee. 

Tell us about your home - how long have you been there and how did you find it? Was there a particular selling point for you?

We searched for our home in 2020 in search of space and a fun yard for our kids. We were drawn to this home for its unique coastal layout that wraps around a swimming pool. It’s uncommon to find a home like this in our area.

Our home was built in the 1990s and it had strong 1990s-McMansion-Vibes when we purchased it. Over the past two years we have been renovating our home to feel like it is older than it really is by adding historic features, arches, moldings and lots of paneling. 

Our Stray Dog light fixtures perfectly bridge the gap between our love for classic spaces and a coastal vibe. 

Featuring the Arlo Chandelier

What’s your favorite room in the house?

I’m loving our new bedroom. It was probably the most challenging room to design and I’m so happy we puzzled the design together. I also love the kid’s hidden library, it’s very special and cozy. 

Are you in the process of redoing any spaces right now?

We are happily on a renovation break right now and loving it! 

How did you fall in love with design and home decor? Would love to hear the story!  

In the midwest it’s typical to be a homeowner very young and when my husband and I bought our first home we had almost no budget to decorate and furnish it. I fell in love with the DIY process during those years painting our own “faux” wallpaper and furnishing with flea market items.

Through the years we renovated homes from different eras (from Mid-century to historic to our current home which was built in the 90s) and I loved the experience of changing my style with each home to fit the era we were decorating for. 

Where do you find most of the amazing pieces in your home? 


I have a huge collection of vintage items. I love to flea market, stop in to estate sales and thrift shop. I still love to DIY. Recently I painted around 20 glass vases to make a turquoise glass collection for my dining room.

How does social media factor into what you do? 

A lot of people ask me if we feel like we always have to remodel because of social media, but I really don’t feel that pressure anymore. I think social media is what you make it so I try really hard to remember to keep it focused on creativity. I think you can feel when a creator is having fun. 

Who is your favorite person or brand to follow on social media at the moment?


I love following @thekwendyhome she always makes me smile! For brands I am enjoying following @lizlidgettgallery and learning more about art. 

What’s in the rotation for you right now (books, podcasts, movies, shows)?  

Books- I just started “This Time Tomorrow” by Emma Straub and I am very into it! My favorite podcast is probably “You’re Wrong About”. For movies I love my nostalgic comfort movies like Nancy Meyers and Nora Ephron. I admit I watch a ton of tv- the most interesting and special thing I have watched recently was the “Light and Magic” miniseries on Disney+. 

Want more from Elsie and A Beautiful Mess?

Follow along at her blog here and her Instagram here

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