Let Your Stray Dog Flag Fly: Our Brand Ambassadors

Let Your Stray Dog Flag Fly: Our Brand Ambassadors

Posted by Della Wheeler on

For over 25 years, Stray Dog has been creating happily handcrafted home decor. What's that really mean? We're old dogs. 

As you can imagine, our business model has changed several times over the years. We used to travel for trade shows, at one point we were trade only, and we hopped onto the online retail space waaaay late. 

But once we did go towards retail, it slowly became our primary source of income. And then we had to figure out how to market our products on social media. 

To say online marketing is a learning curve is an understatement. And as a small business, you know we're doing our best to figure it out on our own. 

The truth is, we can't take full credit. A couple of years ago, we decided it was time to start collaborating with online creators to grow our following and extend our reach. 

Today it's safe to say that we're grateful for those who share their Stray. In an industry that now sells on social, we extend our deepest appreciation to our Stray Dog brand ambassadors. These are the creators that spread the good Stray Dog word. 

Scroll below to see some of our favorite brand partnerships and the incredible spaces they've created: 


Follow @graybenko

Gray has the Willow Chandelier, Serena Chandelier, Strawberry Table Lamp, and Mrs. English Table Lamp.


Follow @eclectic_twist

Tina has the Artichoke Lamp, the Margarita Chandelier, and the Arlo Chandelier.


Follow @home_ec_op

Natalie has the Arlo Chandlier, the Magalie Mirror, and the Penguin Lamp.


Follow @indigoleopardhome

Sarisa has the Landon Chandelier, the Black Striped Drum Shade, the Billy Goat Table, and the Crunchberry Objet


Follow @jewelmarlowe

Jewel has the Billy Goat Table.


Follow @laybabylay

Jewel has the Serena Chandelier.


Follow @lemonstripes

Julia has the Willow Chandelier and the Leonora Chandelier.


Follow @mango_manor.

Kelli has the Pineapple Lamp.


Follow @nashvilletash.

Natasha has the Wheat Lamp, The Girly Lantern, The Orchid Objet, and the Net Stool.


Follow @pmqfortwo.

Ariel has the Norma Lamp


Follow @preppybohemianathome.

Amber has the Olive Chandelier.


Follow @themakerista

Gwen has the Arlo Chandelier.


Follow @dorothy_shain

Dorothy has the Serena Chandelier.


Follow @abeautifulmess

Elsie has the Arlo Chandelier, the Nini Sconces, and the Meme Chandelier.


Follow @youngwildandfriedman

Julie has the Willow Chandelier and the Lotus Chandelier.



Follow @looklingerlove

Chassity has the Gabby Pendant, the Crunchberry Lamp, Jen Sconces, The Leonora Chandelier and the Vincent Lantern.


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