seaweed design hand made papier mache chandelier
Crunchberry papier mache  houseplant  by Stray Dog Designs
fanciful, papier mache Coralie Chandelier with drooping flowers
blue mini chandelier with seaweed design handmade for Stray Dog in paper mache
Papier Mache Peacock by Stray Dog Designs in Orange
chartreuse Polly Sconce, papier mache
pink papier mache wall light with 2 flower arms, Helen Sconce
Victoria Robbins Lamp, handmade papier mache, orange
Lamp with snake, papier mache and tole light by stray dog designs
Pink Flower Floor Lamp Made from Paper Mache
colorful, chartreuse chicken leg side table
Maize lamp, Stray Dog Designs, white and gold corn shaped table light