Stray Dog Digs: November

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Tis the Stray Dog Season! Really can't believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Needless to say, we are endlessly grateful for YOU: our Stray Dog pack. Without you, our designs would sit dormant. Because of you, our pretty pieces continue to be brought to life... time and time again.

We hope everyone has an amazing holiday this week. Here's something to look at while you eat and hang out with your family this week...


Billy visited Oaxaca earlier this month and had an amazing time (more on that to come). While he was there, he met up with an old friend, Ana Paula Fuentes. Ana is an artist, photographer, community organizer and lo so much more. Her new book is an ode to the colorful charm,  beauty, and diversity of Mexico. We think it'd be the perfect holiday gift for the art lovers in your life.

Get the book

Revolution Day just happened in Mexico and Santiago was excited to have a long weekend to rest and rejuvenate. Revolution Day celebrates the start of what became the Mexican Revolution. People in Mexico typically celebrate with colorful and jubilant parades.

Celebrate with him!

We got connected to Brittany Atkinson through Brooke Lancaster (more about her here) and instantly fell in love with her work. Her paintings of women are colorful, iconic, and powerful. We're thinking another perfect gift this holiday season would be her cute hand painted ornaments. 

Check them out

Jane and Billy have a dear friend who is staying at the Shepherd Center right now and they were so impressed with the facility on their last visit. Jane says, "The staff we have encountered are delightful, friendly, outgoing, and encouraging (all the good things). We are so lucky to have a well respected, groundbreaking rehabilitation center in our region." 

Donate to the Shepherd Center this holiday season

Jupiter Oak Jewelry is Della's latest Instagram obsession. Jami, the artist, preserves pieces of nature into these handmade beauties. Della recently bought a pair and has been rocking them every chance she gets. We love having art to wear (especially for fancy holiday gatherings).

These are the perfect gift 

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