Interior Design Styles: The Stray Dog Way

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Happy Wednesday! Every day we receive photos from designers and home decor enthusiasts of Stray Dog pieces beautifully placed in rooms of all kinds. As it turns out, Stray Dog pieces look good in every corner, regardless of style.

Right now we are digging these interior design styles and we've got the photos to back it up 💘

Stray Dog Designs Doris Kane Lantern in Traditional Interior Design Style

Pictured Here: Doris Kane Lantern | Designer Unknown 

We're kind of non-traditional so naturally we love to be included in traditional rooms. This style has all the classic details paired with splendid furnishing, and lots of accessories and details. It's European with a twist! 

Stray Dog Designs Net Stool and Bird Objet in Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style

Pictured Here: Net Stool + Bird Objet | Designer Unknown

We love a good throwback and Mid-Century throws it all the way back to the design style of the 50s and 60s. MCM is all about fuss-free functionality. It's got smooth lines with a touch of minimalism. 

Stray Dog Designs Jen Sconce in Coastal Interior Design Style

Pictured Here: Jen Sconce | @coralhouseharbourisland

Let's go to the beach! Coastal designs feature light, bright, and airy spaces often surrounded by vibrant neutrals to soak up the sun. We love the coastal color palettes with their light blues, greens, creams, and neutrals. There's no better way to be both relaxed and elegant. 

Stray Dog Tristan Table in Minimalist Interior Design Style

Pictured Here: Tristan Side Table | @graham.yelton

Minimalism is so in style right now. It pulls inspiration from mid-century modern but strips away all the ‘extras.’ It’s smooth, clean, and without clutter. The emphasis is on functionality instead of flair.

Stray Dog Designs Stump Stool in Bohemian Interior Design Style

Pictured Here: Stump Stool | @gigaram

Bohemian throws away the rule books and says it’s ok to mix and match and be a little rough around the edges. Boho includes modern and vintage, fun prints, and globally inspired textiles. It’s laid back and doesn’t care what you think!


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