How-To Make the Most of Your Small Spaces

August 12, 2020 2 min read

How-To Make the Most of Your Small Spaces

Whether it's a couple of rooms or your whole house, it's likely you have some small spaces to wrangle with in your home. This is the ultimate design challenge - fitting everything you need in a room while also making it beautiful. 

If this is a challenge for you consider it 'challenge ACCEPTED!' With these easy tips, you'll be enjoying every square inch of your small space in no time.

Products pictured: Stump Stool 

Be Resourceful 

The first trait we must enlist to tackle our small spaces is resourcefulness. Think of saving space wherever you can. This means using items and furniture pieces that serve multiple uses. Work smarter, not harder here. 

Stray Dog Tip: Incorporate stools that double as seating and storage. Hang wall sconces to free up surface area on your tables. 


Products pictured: John Ross Mirror | Photo on the right designed by:@missymcguirkmaude

Use Mirrors 

It's no secret that mirrors make a small space feel bigger. Hanging a mirror in an unexpected space like a dining room or entryway will trick the eye and create the illusion of space. This could be exactly what your small space is missing.

Stray Dog Tip: If your home decor could use more personality, make sure your mirror is also a statement piece. The more eye catching, the better! 


Products pictured: Crunchberry Lamp, Tilda Table, Booper Lamp, and Nacho Pendant |  Photo on the left designed by: Lindsey Lane Design


Be Choosey

When you have a small space, it can often be time to reckon with your hoarding habits. When it comes time to choose what to display, adhere to Marie Kondo's system. Ask yourself, "What in my house brings me joy?" The more unique the item, the more space you should make for it. 

Stray Dog Tip: Prioritize special items like souvenirs, family photos, and handmade statement pieces that you've invested in. 


Products pictured: Sarah Table Lamp, Girly Chandelier | Photo on the left designed by: @design_darling |  Photo on the right designed by: Chango and Co.

Keep it Neutral 

If you don't know where to start, consider neutral tones. When it comes to wall color, textiles, and decor, neutral tones are sure to make your spaces feel light and airy.

Stray Dog Tip: If it's hard for you to reign in your excess of style and creativity (we understand), try choosing a statement piece in white. We've found white on white styles are totally in right now! 


Products pictured: Laura B SconceStumpy Table | Photo on the left designed by @lindsaysspeace

Go Big in Small Spaces 

Not much of a minimalist? No worries! Make every corner count by mindfully adding color, wall art, and decor that you love.

Stray Dog Tip: Pack a punch by adding a patterned wall paper in the bathroom or mix and match textiles in the bedroom for an extra touch of personality.


Products pictured: Celeste SphereJen Sconce | Photo on the left designed by @annaburkeinteriors

Incorporate Good Lighting 

We're saving the best for last! Lighting! This one can really make or break your room. 

Stray Dog Tip: Be especially mindful of hanging lighting where it's needed most. Have a bathroom with no windows? This is the spot to go the extra mile.


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