How-To: 5 Steps to a Beautiful Bedroom

How-To: 5 Steps to a Beautiful Bedroom

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Oh, the bedroom! It may just be our favorite room in the house. With bedding, curtains, lighting, and furniture, the design possibilities are truly endless.

Are you due for a bedroom redesign? If so, we'd love to help. Below we have our step by step guide to creating the bedroom of your dreams: 

Stray Dog Designs Serena Chandelier and Artichoke Lamp in a bedroom designed by Mimi McAndrew

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1. Get Inspired

Don'y be intimidated by a blank slate! Before starting any home decor redesign you have to create a vision. These days there are so many ways to seek out new and exciting inspiration for your home projects. Our favorites are:

  • Home decor magazines (not just printed copies but their websites and social media accounts) 
  • Pinterest
  • Home decor and interior designers on social media
  • Home decor and interior design blogs 

You probably have a few people that you already follow on social media who inspire you with their exceptional style. It's time to collect some images, color palettes, and products that you love. You could create a Pinterest board or even a physical mood board to keep your vision alive throughout the project. 



Stray Dog Designs Lotus Pod Table Lamp in a bedroom designed by YSS Interiors

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2. Choose a Color Palette


The natural next step is to settle on a color palette. It's obvious that your bedroom needs to incorporate colors you love but you should also have a palette that puts you at ease. After all, this should be the most relaxing room in the house. Consider using colors that are psychologically proven to bring you comfort:
  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Pink
  • Gray
  • White
  • Tan 

Once your color palette has been decided, start choosing bedding, curtains, artwork, and statement pieces that will go together. You're already on your way to creating your own little oasis...

Stray Dog Designs Crunchberry Lamp in a bedroom designed by Lindsey Lane

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3. Pick a Statement Piece

Us Stray Dogs are big fans of the Statement Piece. If we didn't invent the idea, we've certainly kept the trend going with unique, handmade lighting and home decor. But enough about us...
A statement piece gives your room a focal point and also adds a personal touch. Statement pieces could include a unique light fixture, bold bedding, a funky wallpaper, or one of a kind art piece. What is your room missing? Start with that question and add POP where necessary.
Stray Dog Designs Tilda Table in a bedroom designed by Toledo Geller

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4. Add Pattern & Texture

Now that you've got a vision, a color palette, and a statement piece (or two), it's time to spice things up with pattern and texture. Don't be afraid of this one... When done right, you can combine many different eye catching patterns in one room with beautiful results. The secret is to choose a few fun and bright patterns and mix them with more subdued pieces.  This is the step that really starts to bring the room together and make it the cozy space your eyes will never tire of. 
This gorgeous bedroom by designer Toledo Geller is a great example of mixing many different textiles, patterns, and colors in one room. Just look at it! 
Stray Dog Designs Sarah Table Lamp in a bedroom designed by @lillybunninc

👆 Shop the Sarah Table Lamp to get the above look 👆

5. Personalize your space

If your bedroom is missing anything now, you'll know. When it comes to adding a few more personal touches, we think of:
  • Family photos 
  • Organize your closet and accessories
  • Make something or get your kids to make something to add to your room
  • Stock up on things that bring you joy (night lights, bedside essential oils, a cozy robe for relaxing, the list goes on) 

These are the things that really start to make your space come to life. In the end, what will really bring you happiness here is the routine and rituals you create around your bedtime. Keep reminders around that allow you to slow down and relax as much as possible here. 

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