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A couple of years ago while our family was living in San Miguel de Allende, Jane and I were invited to have dinner with Andrew Fisher and Jeffry Weisman, the famed Fisher Weisman design duo from San Francisco.

Their San Miguel house is as beautiful as their table setting, and as open as their conversations and bottles of wine. Jane and I enjoyed a lovely evening just as the city was winding up for the most raucous day in town: La Alborada—a firework display in the town center like none other beginning at 3:30 AM and ending when the fireworks are spent. (Firework displays depicting the battles of good and evil should indeed be epic—and in the middle of the night!)

During our evening conversations, Andrew showed us a few of his fantastic, textured artworks: from a study in blue and gray made entirely from coffee filters, to a large tapestry of small gold leafed squares that lifted off the canvas like ruffled fish scales.

Andrew told us he wanted to do something with this same technique in our shop…several months later with Andrew and Jeffrey conveying their ideas to the oh so skilled Mariano Perez—a man who translates designs into reality–the first of many lighting fixtures came to fruition.

The symbiosis of our papier mache and iron techiniques and Andrew’s experiments with Dutch Metal gold leaf, brought forth sumptuous chandeliers, sconces and table lamps that combine a classic design with a conquistador feel.  

The Casa Acanto collection, named for their gorgeous home in San Miguel, is simply stunning, and we are proud to be producing these works of art for them!

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