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Meet Paul Costello. If you are not acquainted yet, you may be familiar with his work which has appeared in magazines such as  ElleDominoHouse Beautiful and NY Times T Magazine AND he has worked on ad campaigns for Toms and Victoria’s Secret. We are enamoured with his photography. His subjects of family, friends, kooky people, music, interiors, New Orleans, beach, youth, travel— are playful, real and accessible. Costello effortlessly weaves fashion, interiors and lifestyle into compositions that celebrate the beauty of a life well lived. And we all like that! 

Oftentimes the spaces and backgrounds of your subjects are as interesting as the subjects themselves. Is the narrative for you in that interplay?

For sure. The story is told through where people are and what they’re doing… I almost never shoot pictures in a studio, so clearly I’m interested in environments as much as subjects.

You have been to and photographed some stunning houses. Can you tell us about one of your favorites? 

I love places that are unique to the person or people who live in the space. Recently, my favorites have been David Netto’s beach house and Dawn DeDeaux’s oyster shack.

You and your family have a fabulous house in the Garden District of New Orleans. Who does the interiors in your house?

My wife Sara is mostly responsible inside… I get to do the garden!

Which is your favorite room in your house?

I’m not sure I have a favorite… I guess I’d say the little trellis room.

You are a gardener, I understand…you must be having a blast in New Orleans where anything can grow…   

It’s been amazing. I’m constantly underestimating how big things will get. Though I can’t seem to keep my lawn alive.

NOLA seems to be a place that would suit your art very well….

I have been super inspired by the city. My favorite part of my day is riding my moped to work… I’m always discovering new things.

(We know this isn’t NOLA, but what a fun photo!)

Which restaurant in New Orleans do you think has the best interplay of place/interiors and food?

So many places where I love the place… less often do I love the food. I’ll pick 2 favorites. Upscale, eating at the bar at Marti’s. My favorite everyday place is Coco Hut on Bayou Rd. The freshest, spiciest, most delicious Jamaican food ever. But don’t expect any interior design!

Do you have a dog? 

A cat and 6 chickens.

We are hoping you are going to put out a book of your own photography…do you share that hope?

I have 3 books out right now that I heavily contributed to. Miles Redd’s “The Big Book of Chic”, “One Man’s Folly” about Furlow Gatewood, and “Linens”… Jane Scott Hodges new book.

I’m also working on a cookbook with Julia Reed! Due out next year.

Follow Paul on Instagram here and Tumblr here

Photos curtesy of Paul Costello, Sara Ruffin Costello and Berni.


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