Stray Dog Shop Update: June 2022

Stray Dog Shop Update: June 2022

Posted by Della Wheeler on

Hola, Stray Dog Amigos! 

If you follow the dog on social media, you know that we visited San Miguel this month and it was an exciting trip all around. 

For starters, it's the first time I (Della, the marketing manager) have visited this sweet town. I tagged along with Jane and Billy to get some content for social media and plan a photoshoot or two. 

Second of all, since I am here, the whole team is united.

The whole team being...

- Jane Gray-Pritchard: Our Fabulous Designer (the brains behind every Stray Dog piece) 

- Billy Pritchard: Co-Founder and General Badass (he runs customer service, shipping, and does a lot of other stuff - it'd be easier to say what he doesn't do) 

- Mariano Perez: Stray Dog Partner (he owns part of the workshop that is responsible for bringing all our pieces to life - an angel on earth)

- Santiago Suarez: Customer Service Guru (our newest team member, Santiago has been another angelic addition to the Stray Dog magic) 

- and Me (Della Wheeler): Graphic Designer & Marketing Manager 

In addition to the lively bunch that runs general operations for Stray Dog, we have about 15 artisans that work in the shop as metal smiths, painters, and oh so much more. 

For me, this trip has been a breath of fresh air. It's one thing to hear about the story and the city. It's another thing entirely to witness it firsthand. 

San Miguel de Allende is an enchanting city with something special to see around every corner. We've enjoyed the city in many different ways this month... 

First, the food! Here are some spots we stopped at on this trip: 

- Lavanda and Rustica for breakfast 

- BullaTostevereThe Restaurant for dinner 

- Panio for pastries 

- Rosewood for rooftop drinks 


Second, the sites. Here are some must-do experiences we HIGHLY recommend: 

- Globo San Miguel for a hot air balloon ride above the city

- Mercado de Artesanias, Mixta, Talula de Lune, Meson San Ignacio, City Market for shopping 

- Botanical Gardens

We'd be remiss to also mention that while we were in town, we stayed at a fabulous Airbnb that our friends own, Casa del Toro. Check it out and definitely book the spot if you ever have a big group (it's amazing as you can see)! 


Shop Update

Ok, enough about San Miguel! We could go on forever (and feel free to message us anytime you visit if you need a recommendation). You are probably wondering, what the heck is going on at the shop?! 

Well, we're excited to roll out some new products soon. The shop has been hard at work bringing Jane's ideas to life and at least a few of them got photographed while we were in town. Stay tuned on social media, the website, and via email to be the first to see (and grab!) these cute new pieces.

Our new photographer friend, Juan Carlos, was kind enough to take new photos for us as well as grab awesome footage at the workshop. Follow us on Instagram to see those precious snapshots as we share them in the coming weeks. 

Otherwise, the shop is happily at work on your pieces as usual. 



Want more?

Follow the dog on Instagram and head to our San Miguel story highlights to get more from our trip.

If you ever want to visit San Miguel, feel free to email us ( and we will give you all of our favorite recommendations.

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