Dinner with Jim & Alfredo

Posted by William Pritchard on

Before we left San Miguel last week, we got a text from Jim and Alfredo, owners of Parasol (the kingpins of the hummingbird feeder industry) and owners of Camino Silvestere, two fabulous home and gift stores in town. We knew no matter what we were doing to clear the deck and head out to their country estate.  And as always, we were not disappointed.

When the pandemic began, Jim and Alfredo decided to tuck into their life and, well, perfect it. Their garden exploded, their peacocks and chickens multiplied, their house grew in size, the landscape lushed and their cooking and baking went on steroids. 

Drinks in the kitchen, hors devours by the pond with the Australian Shepherd running among us, and dinner on the back porch overlooking the gardens…a perfect from the garden Indian vegan FEAST! I mean, check this shit out!

And look at their insta and let me know what you want for dinner!!

Poor sweet Jane, my 10 oclock bedtime girl was on her 4th glass of red at just past midnight (we arrived at 5:30!!) and the conversation was still rollllllllinnngg.

Jim and Alfredo, we love you. You are part of what makes San Miguel de Allende so wonderful!

Thanks for the wine. Thanks for the food. The atmosphere. But most of all, the friendship.

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