Stray Dog Digs: San Miguel Edition

Stray Dog Digs: San Miguel Edition

Posted by Della Wheeler on

We like to remind everyone that we do more than design funky lighting and home decor. Our team is made up of podcast listeners, bakers, music lovers, readers, and so much more.

That's why we send out a monthly "Stray Dog Digs" to our email list. It's usually comprised of all of our favorite things of the moment and it's the perfect place to find your new obsession.

This month, since traveled to and have our minds on San Miguel, we thought we'd do a SMA themed Stray Dog Digs. Read below to see what each team member chose for their favorite thing about the city. 

Co-Founder, Billy, wanted to recommend this lovely San Miguel born shop, Mixta. Our friend, Anna, owns the space and it includes wares, clothes, textiles, art, and SO much more. Everything in the shop is made in Mexico and as the website boasts, it is a visual delight. 

Anna is originally from Sydney. Australia but 14 years ago Mexico stole her heart and she's been there ever since. Thank goodness for that! 


We've got lots of friends in San Miguel so every time we are there, we are well taken care of. Our friends Tom and Jeananne own Casa del Toro and it was the perfect escape for us after long days of traipsing around the city. 

With four bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms, and a POOL everyone in our group was happy. Casa del Toro is not only a unique place to stay, it's comfy and relaxing.



Our customer service guru, Santiago, got to go to Dia de los Locos last week and he had a blast. This unique, 40 year old festival is in honor of San Juan Bailón, known as Sant of the Orchards. 

"The story goes that the indigenous people who worked in the orchards, at the time of being catechized, learned about the Patron Saint of the orchards, San Juan Bailón, also called San Pascual Bailón."

The parade is made up of 9 traditional groups (all born in San Miguel). They dress up in crazy masks, hats, and colorful clothing and parade from the church through the streets of SMA. Also, there's candy, live music, and parties all day... who could ask for anything more?! 


Our favorite badass creator in San Miguel, Maria, owns a clothing line called Maclovia. The line is high-end, unique, colorful, and elegant... a combination we can get behind. The clothes are *almost* as lively as the woman who designs them. 


That's it this month!

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