Stray Dog Digs: February '23

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Hello, February!

Can we still say Happy New Year? January went by in a flash and now 2023 is in full swing. We have been traveling dogs already. Jane and Billy (Stray Dog founders) had a trip to Nevis and our marketing manager, Della is headed to Hawaii next week. 

It's safe to say we'll have some fun things to share from our adventures. We hope your year is getting off to a good start. If not, here's some things to cheer you up...

Banner Photo: @masseygordon

Jane and Billy had a wonderful week in Nevis in January! Jane says she will one day live there allergy free (wishful thinking. 

Right before they left, New York Times put out a "Things to Do in Nevis" and we took a lot of their recommendations. 

Their friend, Andrea owns a house there that you can stay at too!

When we ask him what he's diggin', Santiago always comes in hot with the unconventional answers and we love it! Did you know that the direction of the earth's core rotation has stopped or potentially reversed?! Crazy! Read this article to learn more.

Billy says, "Our son Pete asked us to see a small exhibition of a New York artist, Yusuke Okada, who was staying in Chattanooga on a two week artist grant sponsored by  Stove Works. The show, along with the artist, were leaving town the next morning, so we scooted on down first thing. On the wall of the gallery were eight paintings Yusuke had painted while in town. Eight. In two weeks! All very different, mostly very playful with curious associations dealing with subjects such as consumerism, influence, depression, death, love, gun control, loneliness. It was a lot to take in at nine AM. Even before coffee, you knew that there was a very complex, sensitive and creative spirit in front of you. We trundled off with a canvas wishing we had more…"

Delicious and nutritious!


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