Prepping Your Home for Summer

Prepping Your Home for Summer

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Hey, Stray Dogs! Long time, no talk. We are starting to reemerge in Tennessee after a beautiful spring. It feels like our whole community comes alive in the Summer - the swimming holes are open, camping season has begun, and the water is just right...

The funny thing about Summer is it gets us in the mood to purge the house and freshen everything up! We think they should call it 'Summer Cleaning' instead of 'Spring Cleaning.' But that's just us... 

As Summer approaches, we are prepping the house for lots of porch parties and many a meal outside under the sun. Scroll down to see some of our tips to freshen up and bring new life into your home this Summer: 

 1. Clean Your Walkway and Porch

First impressions are everything so your first step is to tidy up outside. We like to start with the walkway by pressure washing and making sure all the cracks are filled. You want to make sure your friends can make it in for the party! 

Next, it's time to sweep the porch and rearrange the furniture for optimal lounging. Plants that love the shade are also welcome here! 

P.S. We wrote a blog about hosting your next Summer party last year. Get inspired here.

2. Check Your Doors + Windows

Changes in temperature can cause your weather stripping and hinges to shift. It's good to make sure your weather stripping is still intact and tighten up those hinges that have come loose.

Make sure your window frames are sealed and test that every window is opening and closing properly. Once the windows are working, clean them from the inside and the outside if you can! 

3. Tidy Up Your Flower Beds + Get to Planting 

If you haven't yet, clear out your weeds and add new soil to your beds. If you need to replant some things, get to work! We like adding 2-3 inches of mulch as well.

Do you want veggies this year? More wildflowers? Visit your local nursery and see what delightful plants they have to bring your outdoor spaces to life.

P.S. It could also be time to lay down some grass seed and start regularly watering the yard. 

4. Dust + Do a Deep Clean Inside 

Now it's time to get inside and remove the winter and spring dust. We recommend going room by room and wiping off every surface. After that, vacuum and mop your floors. 

Once we get done with cleaning, we like to spray fabrics and rugs with a deodorizer and light some candles or incense to freshen the house up. 

If you live somewhere where the weather is more moderate, open all the windows and let some fresh air flow in!

5. Add in Summery Accents 

For happiness sake, you may want to freshen up some of your decor! Change out your dark towels for lighter ones, freshen your drapes, or add in some flowery pillows. Add in some house plants where they can soak up the sun. Maybe you even need a new summery statement piece? Just sayin... 

Nows the time to lighten everything up and bring the spirit of summer inside! 


Needing more inspiration?

We can't wait to see what you guys get up to this summer. In the meantime, we have some fun pieces that will certainly enliven your house for the season: 

Stray Dog Planters

Our Stray Dog Spring Collection is Surprisingly Summery 

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