How-To Host Your Next Summer Gathering

How-To Host Your Next Summer Gathering

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Summer is in full swing, Stray Dogs! And while most of our 'outings' are going digital in the form of conference calls, texts, and online fitness classes quite frankly, we need a break. It's time to (safely) meet up with friends again and we can think of no better way than a porch party. 

Oh, the porch; quietly welcoming us into the dog days of Summer with open arms and cold beer; it's a vacation without the travel. We truly can't think of anything better than laughing with friends under the sunset with a cold drink in one hand and a cheese plate in the other. 

Let's not forget there is still an opportunity to have fun and feel 'normal' even amidst our current chaos. Here's some tips and fun tricks to host the perfect outdoor gathering this Summer. Have some fun, won't you?! 

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Make space for everyone

As you plan your next gathering, make sure you have enough space for your crew to hang out and socially distance. If you have a long table, mark the spots with cute place cards. If you have lots of outdoor furniture, set up your stools and chairs for optimal 'distanced' socializing. Get creative! Even if it is a little different, you can still have a cute set up. 


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Make a safe spread 

For this party, it's important to make everyone feel like they can sip and snack safely throughout the night. To do this, we make separate cheese boards for each person. This gives us the familiar feeling of grazing throughout the night without worrying about anybody else touching your cheese. If you're wanting to have less planning, invite everyone to bring their own individual snacks. No sharing this time! 

For drinks, we recommend canned/bottled beverages which are already individually portioned. If that isn't going to work for your cocktail dreams, try out drink tags so everyone can be mindful through the evening. 


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Take your time 

If this is the first time you've had a social event, it's safe to say you are going to want to draw it out for as long as possible. We recommend taking your time to be present and soak in this positive time with people you love. Additionally, being present will make you that much more mindful of everyone's space and safety. 


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Take a stop at sanitation station

Consider having hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes around for use. We like having hand sanitizer at the door and placing a few disinfecting stations around common areas so people can use if necessary. This won't be the cutest part of your party but hey, it just might be the safest! Put everyone at ease by making opportunities for disinfecting readily available. 

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Planning a party during a pandemic doesn't have to be hard. With the right precautions in place, you and your crew can be safe and have fun! 

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