Our Favorite Nursery Lighting

Our Favorite Nursery Lighting

Posted by Della Wheeler on

Happy Wednesday and Happy Inauguration Day! We've been tuned into the news all day so we thought it'd be nice to take a pause and focus on something we absolutely LOVE, nurseries.

Let's put it this way... Stray Dog lighting has never met a nursery it didn't like. Our whimsical, colorful, and playful lighting has always had a sense of childlike wonder to it. So it's no mystery why we always see gorgeous nurseries on our feed. 

When we look back at the gallery, there are a few heavy hitters. And today we'll share those with you and see what you think. Here's our top 4 nursery lighting pieces: 

Stray Dog Designs Pato Pendant in nurseries - nursery lighting

The Pato Pendant

Oh, Pato! We once would have been surprised if you told us the Pato Pendant would be a nursery favorite but now we understand. It's soft, neutral, and just plain pretty. Who wouldn't want a hand-embroidered pendant in their nursery space? 

Shop the Pato here

Stray Dog Designs Blumwood Floor Lamp - Nursery Lighting

The Blumwood Floor Lamp

If we told you a beautiful, whimsical tree could grow in your baby's nursery and light up the whole room, what would you think? When we think of the Blumwood Floor lamp, we think Nursery Perfection! 

Shop the Blumwood Here

Stray Dog Designs Girly Hanging Lantern - Nursery Lighting

The Girly Hanging Lanterns

You don't have to be a little girl to fall in love with these lanterns. They so perfectly mix old with new and are filled with scallopy goodness. Once your sweet little one grows up, you may just want to keep this light for yourself.

Shop the Little Girl Hanging Lantern Here

Shop the Girly Hanging Lantern Here (the big sister)

Stray Dog Designs Twiggy Chandelier - Nursery Lighting

The Twiggy Chandelier

Meet Twiggy! No, not the model, the chandelier. Twiggy is our faux bois chandelier with big blossoms bursting from it's branches. As your child grows, this one will hang handsomely and remain a classic beauty.

Shop the Twiggy Chandelier

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