Notes from the Shop: January 2022

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Billy, our customer service guru and co-founder of Stray Dog, spent the last couple of weeks in San Miguel and came back with some exciting updates.

Keep reading to see what's going on in the shop at the moment... 

Last month we received a call from friends at the Red Cross asking if we could hire some Haitian immigrants who were settling in San Miguel de Allende. The next day Jean and Aristilde arrived at our shop. The two men met, along with their families, at the border of Guatemala and Mexico while attempting to head to the United States. While at the southern border, the two were informed that the situation was not good at the US border, and if they would like they could go to San Miguel de Allende and receive working papers and a visa to stay. 

Jean had spent 8 year in Brazil and Aristilde 5 years in Chile. The two had fled Haiti to escape poverty and look for opportunity. And now that they are in San Miguel de Allende, the two plan to stay. They are currently working with the Red Cross to get apartments. We are happy to have the two men here with our finish team.

In addition to our Creole neighbors, we wish to welcome Santiago Suarez to the Stray Dog Designs customer service department in the San Miguel de Allende office.. Santiago hails from nearby Queretero, and since his university days, he has spent time living and working in the Eureka, California, and on the coast of Chile in Arica. He is excited to be settling down in San Miguel de Allende where many of his friends have come to live.

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