A Maximalist's Dream: A Stray Dog Home Tour

A Maximalist's Dream: A Stray Dog Home Tour

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One of our favorite things at Stray Dog is working with amazing designers and brand ambassadors. You can imagine our glee when we get messages from incredible people saying, "Hey! Can we collaborate?!" 

It's the perfect combination of creativity, personality, and Stray Dog goodness. Seeing our pieces come to life in different homes all around the country is so satisfying. 

And Sarisa's (creator of @indigoleopardhome) home is NO exception. She has taken "good bones" and created a Maximalist's DREAM. Color, character, and creativity abound in Sarisa's amazing space.

Scroll down to learn more about the story of her success and her beautiful home.

I see that you are in Oklahoma. Are you from there or did you arrive there some other way? We’d love to hear the story! 

I grew up here! I was born and raised in Bartlesville, OK. I went to college in Edmond, OK at UCO where I met my husband. In 2004 we relocated to Corpus Christi, TX for his job. We lived in South Texas until October of 2020 then recently moved back here to Edmond. It’s so great being back. I truly love being closer to my roots!

Tell us about your home - how long have you been there and how did you find it? Was there a particular selling point for you?

We bought the house in August of 2020 while still living in Texas. We had it renovated before we moved in Oct of 2020. The housing market was crazy at the time so I when I found this one I knew we had to jump on it immediately. We basically bought it sight unseen, but my realtor did a video walkthrough of it the next day and I flew up to see it in person a week later while we were still in the option period. I thought it had excellent bones and lots of charming character to work with!

What’s your favorite room in the house?

Honestly, I like all the rooms. They are all special in their own unique way, but if I had to choose one…I’m kinda crushing on living room right now. I moved some different furniture from other rooms in here a few days ago, and I’m really loving the new look. Plus, I do love the wood beams in the ceiling! 

Are you in the process of redoing any rooms right now?

Yes! Im working on a small revamp of my bonus room! Wallpaper, new rug, lighting, etc

How did you fall in love with design? 

The first house my husband and I bought in 2005 I really started to love design. I would get decor magazines in the mail and try to emulate the styles I loved. It’s just been an evolving process since then. The past 3 years since I started my @indigoleopardhome page it’s really taken on a life of its own. 

Is it your career or are you more self-taught? 

Would love to hear the story! 

I have no formal training in interior design. I’ve always been a pretty creative person, so it’s just come pretty naturally. However, the more and more I do it the better I’ve become. Like most things…It takes practice!!!

Where do you find most of the amazing pieces in your home? 

I love to antique and thrift shop, so I’m always picking up unique art and other items to decorate the house with. I like to mix in newer items with vintage pieces for a curated look. Anthropologie, CB2, and Home Goods, are some big name places I like to shop. However, I have many items from small shops too! I think supporting small business is so important! 

Have you ever done design work for clients or friends?

Yes. I’ve been helping my realtor friend stage some of the homes she sells. It’s so fun, and therapeutic for me! 

How does social media factor into what you do? 

My IG page is definitely what has gotten my name out there! I’ve gotten magazine features, interviews, and amazing collaboration deals. 

Who is your favorite person or brand to follow on social media at the moment?

When I moved back to Oklahoma I was able to connect with a fellow home decor account who resides here in OKC. Daniel Mathis @notaminimalist has an amazing style and he’s an avid collector of all things great!! I love following him!

He just recently bought a new home that he’s completely renovating and I’m on pins and needles to watch this transformation unfold! It’s gonna be good!

What’s in the rotation for you right now (books, podcasts, movies, shows)? 

I always watch all the Housewives shows (my husband calls it brain trash), but I love the drama! Haha!! I’m patiently waiting for the new season of Yellowstone to come out, and I recently bought a new book called Killers of the Flower Moon. It’s a true story about a town near my hometown of Bartlesville involving the unjust and horrible Osage Indian murders in the 30’s. They are actually filming a movie about it right now with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro. 

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