Namesake Series: The Polly Sconce

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Hey, Stray Dogs! 

We've been going strong with Stray Dog Digs, our new color series, designer spotlights, and home tours. We sure hope you've been enjoying the stories we are telling and the designs we continue to share. As we always say, Stray Dog is nothing without YOU - the amazing humans that inspire us, support us, and allow our products the chance to come alive. 

In case you didn't know, there really is a story behind every one of our designs; real hands making it, real life inspiring it, and real people we name them after. ALL of our designs are named after someone we know or have worked with in the past. So, we thought it'd be fun to share some of the amazing humans behind our designs. 

We'll start first with someone (and something) that we're partial to... Polly and her sconce.

Polly and her sister CC were two of our first friends in San Miguel de Allende (a la 1994). This dynamic duo moved to San Miguel de Allende from New York City and Fire Island in 1973. As early teenagers, their parents gave up their design exec jobs, bought a van and headed south to SMA to pursue a life of art making and design.

After college in the States, the sisters returned to Mexico and began a tin lighting business. (We sold some of their fixtures!)

You should know that Polly is a fabulous painter and she taught our child Franny at the in-town hippy school (Victorian Robbins), and Franny has never had a better teacher. We all wish we were taught by Polly. We count ourselves lucky to know her (and CC)!

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