Instagram Predicts: Home Decor Trends of 2021

Instagram Predicts: Home Decor Trends of 2021

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It is very safe to say that 2020 was collectively one of the wildest rides of our lives. Not only did we endure the ups and downs of a global pandemic, politics, and social issues, we also had to grapple with a complete loss of normalcy. How we've done so many 'normal' things has changed and it might not be over yet. 

Perhaps the biggest change of all was the way we define 'home.' Instead of being this place we occasionally hang out and sleep, it became the place where we did all of the things.

We began working from home, attending events at home, exercising at home, eating at home (ALL the time)... do we even need to go on? And because of this, we started to ask ourselves, 'how can I be more comfortable here?' and 'how can I separate work, events, and obligations from my rest and relaxation?' 

Stray Dog has been wrestling with all of these questions while also doing our best to provide our made to order products to you as quickly and seamlessly as possible. It's been a rollercoaster for us but your unwavering support and positivity has gotten us through it. 

As this year comes to a close, it's time to look ahead and we're hoping 2021 is looking up. This year we thought we'd take some time to predict home decor and design trends for next year. We're really no experts (our specialty is really just product design) so we turned to our most favorite friends, our Stray Dog Brand Ambassadors.

These Instagram Influencers and Interior Designers know what's #trending and we trust their wisdom. So, let's see what they had to say:  

Natalie Papier of @home_ec_op on Home Trends of 2021

1. Functionality at the Forefront 

Natalie Papier of @home_ec_op is predicting functionality will take center stage in 2021. She says, "Maybe it's time to say goodbye to that formal dining room you never use and rethink other ways you can use the space." 

She suggests that some of our spaces need a makeover so that functionality is the focus. "Perhaps [create] a space where you can work or homeschool or a lounge area where you can chill." 

The home trends (and even fashion trends) right now are erring more towards casual. Maybe formal spaces are a dying breed for now? Natalie thinks "the whole idea of formal spaces are kind of going by the wayside. We actually want more spaces we can use." 

It could be time for you to put joy at the forefront of your design choices. "We want spaces we can live in that reflect our personalities and feel overall more joyful." It's hard to argue with that.

Natalie Papier of @home_ec_op Home Trends 2021

Here's how you can add more functionality to your spaces:

  • Clean out! Get rid of anything you no longer use. This could be anything from small knick knacks and junk drawers to big furniture. 
  • Dedicate an organized space for each thing you now do at home. Do you need a new Yoga studio space? An updated home office? Do your kids need their own desk/workspace?
  • Keep frequently used surfaces clear and clean from clutter.

Get more from The Home Stylist on how to make your home both stylish AND functional.

Natasha Stoneking of @nashvilletash on Home Trends of 2021
2. Mixing Patterns & Prints

For our next one, we turned to Natasha Stoneking of the Hello Happiness Blog and @nashvilletash. We've admired her gorgeous home (designed by Kendall Simmons) full of Stray Dog goodies for some time now. She's working on a beach house redesign right now in Rosemary Beach (follow along with that here).

She says, "[A home trend] I am absolutely LOVING is print + pattern mixing." It's time for us to have more fun with our home decor. "Life is too short to play it safe so go big and bold!" Natasha is definitely the queen of color and pattern so we're not surprised. She said, "Bring on the striped with florals, abstract with plaid, you name it." 

If you're not sure where to start, she has some awesome advice. "Pick 2-3 hues and incorporate them in various ways - through lighting, fabric, pillows, accessories, and more." This could be exactly what your home needs. Natasha thinks, "It's a trend that will totally transform your space and make it pure magic."

Natasha Stoneking of @nashvilletash on Home Trends in 2021

Here's how to mix prints and patterns seamlessly:

  • Make sure each of your patterns has a similar feel or theme. For instance maybe each of your patterns is distinct but uses triangles. 
  • If you are planning on playing with a lot of prints, choose a solid wall color. This color should appear in most of your prints consistently to anchor the space.
  • Stick with a similar style for every pattern. For instance, choosing only bohemian patterns in one space can make it feel like it all goes together. 
  • Choose a vibrant pattern for your rug. A good rule to follow is choosing your most eye-catching print for the floor. 

Get more from The Spruce on how to make mix and match like a pro.

Need some pattern inspiration? Follow our Print & Pattern board on Pinterest.

Emily Ryan of @littlehouseofchic
3. Mixing Old With New 

One of our newest IG friends, Emily Ryan, from Atlanta is currently in the process of updating her 1960's ranch house. You can find her tantalizing feed at @littlehouseofchic

She's got a prediction we are really excited about: The Grandmillennial Style is ready to takeover! She says, "I think 2021 is going to be all about Grandmillennial Style and bold colors." Since we love traditional style and maximalism, this transition sounds pretty fun for us. 

"Mushroom is the new grey, zellige is the new marble subway tile, and contrast will replace the monochromatic tones of the past," Ryan says. And she doesn't stop there. "Funky light fixtures and shades will be hot in design and more accessible than ever before." (Can we get an amen?!) 

Since we are spending so much time at home now, designers and diy-ers are getting a little bit more bold. "Design is leaning more towards pairing the unexpected rather than being too matchy matchy."

Not only is she predicting these hot new trends, she's also adopting them for herself. She says, "My own home has touches of these two home trends, and I have fallen in love with the design. A simple velvet chair gets an upgrade with a pop of a designer fabric pillow in an unexpected hue. My husband's office has a nice juxtaposition between very modern elements mixed with hid traditional desk and artwork, as well as a feminine light and mirror mixed with very masculine color tones. All of these elements work together to make a well-balanced room that feels approachable and inviting."

@littlehouseofchic Emily Ryan predicts Home Trends of 2021

Here's how to adopt a Grandmillenial style in your own home:

  • Search for some pieces in cane or wicker at your local thrift shop. These materials are quintessential to this style.
  • It's ok to adopt more neutral tones with this style. If you like lighter shades, spice things up with ruffled fabrics or dainty florals.
  • Toile is in! Pleats are in! 
  • You can definitely still add some quirky elements in this style. Just don't go too overboard. 

What the heck is Grandmillenial? We found this article enlightening.

Get more tips on decorating with the Grandmillenial style here.

Zig and Company Home Trends 2021

4. Unleash Your Originality 

Another one of our brand ambassadors that loves to mix traditional and modern is Courtney Wafzig of @zigandcompany. She is predicting originality will take the forefront in 2021. She says, "I think homeowners are ready to color outside the lines" and we're here for it. 

The past trends of adopting "safe farmhouse white or modern greige" color palettes are going by the wayside now. "We are longing for vivid colors, beautiful patterns, and unique home artisanal pieces." Can we get another amen?! 

She mirrored the sentiment that we've all felt this year. "2020 kept us inside our homes like no other year. It gave us time to think about what surrounds us and the impact it has on our mood and emotions. Your home is your haven and it should reflect your individuality." 

She even sent us some tips on how to incorporate individuality into your home. "Let your aesthetic be personal to you and what you love. Your imagination can correlate with the art on your wall, the wallpaper you choose, or that whimsical light fixture you hang in your dining room."

Courtney Wafzig @zigandcompany Home Trends 2021

Here's how to unleash your unique personality at home:

  • Think about your favorite colors and palettes and see how you can incorporate those into wall colors, textiles, and art pieces
  • When you travel, bring home keepsakes and trinkets to display the experiences that you've had in life
  • Print out family or travel photos to hang in hallways or place on side tables 
  • Always incorporate handmade pieces to add to the originality factor of your decor

Take this home personality quiz to find your own look.

After you take the quiz, see how to design based on your personality traits.

Checkout Courtney's sweet blog post about her new One Room Challenge Bathroom with Stray Dog Polly Sconces.

Gray Benko Home Trends 2021

5. Turn Up the Color

Last but not least is Gray Benko. We have a feeling we're not the only ones who adore her feed. What would we do without seeing her quirky home and hilarious family? We hope we never have to find out! 

Her answer is all about COLOR. She said, "I think people are starting to get bored of all-white-everything." Maybe it's time for us all to incorporate a little bit more happy into our lives. "Happy colors are great for lifting your mood and we could all use some mood lifting after the way 2020 went."

Gray Benko Home Trends 2021

Here's our tips for using more color at home:

  • One thing we've learned from Gray Benko is to be bold with color. Don't be afraid to unleash color throughout your entire home
  • Use muted colors as your foundation and bright colors (through statement pieces or an accent wall) to add extra personality
  • If you love simplistic style, try a monochromatic color scheme 
  • Neutral doesn't always mean beige and grey. Change it up by adding gold and silver or using one color as an accent.
  • If you're not in love with a color, change it up! Your home can be an ever changing canvas!

Get more color tips on The Spruce.

Or go more in depth with this color article by HGTV.

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