Lucia & Paint

Have I mentioned how much I love our workshop? Let me say it again, I love working in our workshop because there is generally a happy hum about the place. There is always music, usually Ranchero. There are always stories bandied about (sometimes in whispers); there is a sweet smell of something always simmering in the kitchen; and there is always laughter.

The heartiest of the laughters comes from smallest of the crew, Lucia. I remember first meeting her over 20 years ago, soon after our eldest child Pete was born. She was wearing a head scarf like Axel Rose, and looked more suited for a Harley ride than a spray gun. All toughness on the outside, but all sweet and shy on the inside we soon learned. She breaks through her shy veneer by being funny, and funny she is. She is also one of the hardest and most meticulous workers in the building.

Lucia is a single mother of three, and like all single parents, she has a lot on her plate and many hats to wear. To start her day, she has a 45 minute walk/bus ride/walk commute, and that’s after she gets her household out and about. So here is a little video of a half day in the life of Lucia. She is part of the spirit of Stray Dog Designs who helps create our handcrafted product, and she does it with laughter.