COVID-19 Response

Like most retail companies, Covid-19 has largely affected our day-to-day operations. Since Spring, we've continued to shift the way we do business in order to ensure the safety of all of our employees and community at large.

In April, a strict lockdown went into place which forced our workshop in San Miguel de Allende to temporarily close. Thankfully, we implemented a system that allowed our specialized artisans to work from home. While production continued, it was at a slower pace. While things are now up and running as normal, exciting hospitality projects and larger order volumes have delayed our regular order time. 

Now more than ever, our homes are safe havens. Stray Dog is proud to continue to be apart of your life by adding happiness and fun to your dog house.

A few current updates from the Stray Dog Crew:  
  • Our workshop in Mexico is now running at full capacity with social distancing and extended safety measures in place
  • All teams are able to work remotely at any time if the need arises 
  • Our warehouse and shipping department are taking extended precautions to ensure proper safety and hygiene at every step of shipment 
  • Because of Covid-19 and increased order volumes, we are running at an extended lead time of 8-10 weeks 

Our customer service department is here to answer any questions and support your ordering process. Contact them at 

Thank you for your continued support and positivity during this time! Stay safe and keep your tail wagging.

Stray Dog Designs Warehouse Artisans

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