Chandelier Installation Instructions

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1. Canopy Plate

2. Mounting Strip with Green Round Screw

3. Threaded Pipe Nipple

4. Lock Nut

5. Nipple Assembly (Hoop)

6. Plastic Wire Nuts (Not Provided)

These instructions are provided for your safety. It is very important that they are read carefully and completely before installation of this chandelier. We strongly suggest that all direct wired fixtures be installed by a professional electrician. 

1. Shut off the main electrical supply from the fuse box/circuit breaker.

2. Determine the distance to suspend your chandelier from the ceiling and if necessary, remove the extra lengths from the chain and reconnect the chain to the hoop assembly. The electric supply wire that is woven through the chain should be cut off 12 inches longer than the chain. Cut the threaded ground wire the same length. Split the supply wire down the center by a length of 3 inches and strip ¾” of insulation off the end of each wire. If you look very closely, you will notice that the plastic insulation of one of the two split wires has a rib on the outside edge. This ribbed wire is the “neutral” wire and the other is the “hot” wire: you will need to remember the difference later on when you connect these to the house wires in the electrical box.

3. Insert the two stripped wires and the ground wire through the nipple assembly, mounting plate and mounting strip. Using the wire nuts, attach the ribbed wire to the white “neutral” house wire and the un-ribbed wire to the black “hot” house wire. Secure the wire nuts with black electrical tape. 

4. Connect the ground wire to the green ground screw marked “GRD” on the mounting stip. It is imperative that the outlet box in your home be properly grounded.

5. Please note: Do not reverse the hot and neutral connections. Always make sure that no wire strands are outside of the wire nut connectors.

6. Gently push the wiring back into the outlet box. Screw the nipple assembly, locknut and canopy plate into the mounting strip and turn until the canopy is snug against the ceiling. Screw the hoop to the bottom of the nipple.

7. Restore power to the electrical outlet box.

proposition 65 warning

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

care instructions: follow the instructions below to keep your piece squeaky clean

dust with a soft, dry cloth

To protect the finish, do not use cleaners or abrasives.

We use Type "B" Regular Bulbs

Chandeliers have 4, 6, or 8 Candelabra sockets for Type "B" regular bulbs or G16 frosted globe bulbs. Recommended maximum wattage is 40 watts per bulb.