Viva Mexico Sale

In Mexico, September and October are filled with festivities, and San Miguel de Allende is particularly jubilant in early fall. Starting the celebratory season with a bang is El Grito ,on the 15th of September. San Miguel is the the cradle of Mexican independence, thus their 24 hour patriotic festival is notorious for it's crowds, fervor, and culminating fireworks display. Next is the Feast of San Miguel Arcangel, this is a week long fiesta celebrating the patron saint of the town. The final fall festival is the acclaimed Dia de Los Meurtes.

As you might imagine, the season of non stop parades, costumes, fiestas, fireworks, acrobats,alters and specialty seasonal treats makes for a pretty magnificent visual feast. In honor of this colorful season, we have sourced a selection of one offs and quintessential Mexican treats for you. Last month, we wandered the mercados and visited the workshops of our friends, collecting these pieces. We hope you enjoy this limited TREAT sale. VIVA!

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