Wallpaper Wednesday: January Edition

Posted by Della Wheeler on

Welcome to Wallpaper Wednesday... where walls speak volumes.

As we dive headfirst into a brand new year, the Stray Dog family is embracing the spirit of exploration and creativity. They say you can teach an old dog new tricks, and this year, we're all ears for something fresh and exciting: wallpaper!

Join us as we embark on a monthly journey filled with wall-to-wall inspiration, unveiling the perfect fusion of Stray Dog's whimsy and the transformative power of wallpaper. Get ready for a vibrant rendezvous that marries style and charm, exclusively curated to elevate your spaces. Welcome to the first chapter of Wallpaper Wednesday – a celebration of color, pattern, and endless possibilities!


Vincent Lantern

Small Artichoke Lamp 

Leonora Chandelier

Jen Sconce 

Fred Sconce

Efrain Sconce

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