Transforming The Dog House: From Warehouse to Whimsical Workspace

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Hey, Stray Dogs! Did you know we bought and renovated our very own Stray Dog Den? Here's a blog post our very own Jane Pritchard wrote to explain how we got here.

In the early days of Stray Dog Designs, our headquarters nestled in the rugged warehouses of Chattanooga, where the mantra was maximizing space on a shoestring budget. These were no palatial abodes, but they served their purpose and kept our inventory safe. We operated a complex ballet of ordering, assembling, and distributing our artisan-crafted products, with semi-trucks shuttling goods and our Chattanooga warehouse bustling with activity.

Fast forward to a world of web connectivity and a global economy in full swing. Stray Dog Designs underwent a metamorphosis, shifting our assembly, finish work, and distribution to the creative haven of our San Miguel workshop. This transformation enabled us to downsize our Chattanooga office, a change accompanied by both challenges and excitement.

The genesis of our innovative office solution was born from contemplation and time. We envisioned a workspace brimming with creativity, nestled within our own yard. Our secluded sanctuary provided ample space for this dream to flourish, boasting not only the convenience of proximity but also the possibility of generating revenue by Airbnb-ing a portion of our creation.

As fate would have it, a fortuitous twist intervened. A neighbor's passing in early 2020 unveiled an unexpected opportunity. His residence became available, and the notion of rehabbing an existing structure trumped the idea of constructing anew. With a prudent decision, we embarked on a renovation journey that transformed a garage into a vibrant office haven and the living quarters into a charming guesthouse.

Throughout 2021, we danced through the renovation process, navigating the disarray with both laughter and determination. The previous owner's '80s contemporary ranch-style house became a canvas for our creative touches. Room by room, we resuscitated its spirit, addressing structural needs, enhancing aesthetics with new flooring, vibrant paint, tasteful tiling, and delightful wallpaper. A resplendent touch came from our very own Stray Dog lighting fixtures, illuminating spaces with character and charm.

This endeavor was a collective labor of love. A neighbor lent his expertise in plumbing and carpentry, while school kids eager for extra cash helped bring our vision to life through paint and tiles. We rolled up our sleeves, tackling tasks big and small, from paneling demolition to floor installation. While it may not have been a seamless journey, it was an enriching one that concluded with a gratifying result.

Our once dank garage emerged as a light-filled oasis, thanks to a ceiling makeover and a fresh coat of white paint. The proximity of our office to our dwelling continues to be a stroke of convenience, offering a seamless transition between work and leisure. As we opened our guesthouse doors to short-term tenants, we were heartened by their warmth and praise for the quirky charm, comfort, and location of our creation.

The transformation of The Dog House stands as a testament to both our evolution as a company and our commitment to infusing creativity into every corner of our lives. As we step into this new chapter, we carry forward the spirit of innovation and collaboration that brought this remarkable transformation to fruition.

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