Stray Spa: Bathroom Lookbook

Posted by Della Wheeler on

Does anyone else think the bathroom is the most underrated room in the house? If done right, the bathroom can be a getaway; like your very own at-home spa. Lock the door, draw a hot bath, and take a deep breath. Wine? Optional but definitely recommended...

We love a good bathroom. Can you tell?

Lucky for us, Stray Dog pieces have hung in beautiful bathrooms, perfect powder rooms, and sparkly spas. Here's a few of our faves:


@bentonparkerdesign | Leonora Chandelier

@gatheredgroup | Sue Wright Mirror

@changoandco | John Ross Mirror

@kjlemaster | Fred Sconce

@indigoleopardhomeLandon Chandelier 

@tomscheerer | Jen Sconce

@maalleninteriors | Leonora Chandelier 

@shaunaglenn | Landon Chandelier

@zigandcompany | Polly Sconce



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