Stray Dog Home Tour: Taking on Nashville with Natasha Stoneking

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Nestled in the heart of the music city is a rich culture of good food, stylish decor, and obviously, an amazing music scene. But that's not all! It's also the happy home of Natasha Stoneking. Also known as @nashvilletash, she's been a lifestyle blogger for over 12 years.

Along with her vibrant style and self-proclaimed eternal optimism, she has over 130,000 followers on Instagram - pretty amazing, right?! We have known Natasha for a little over 2 years now. When she renovated her house in 2018, it was quickly finished off with lots of Stray Dog magic. We've kept up with her over the years and are always inspired by her positivity and bright personality.

We caught up with Natasha recently to see how she's navigating the waters of 2020 - see the interview below! 

Tell us about your home – how long have you been there and how did you find it?

We first purchased our home in 2013… we found a neighborhood we loved and knew it was the place we wanted to raise our girls. It’s small and quiet, yet centrally located to downtown Nashville (only 15 minutes away)

Nashville Tash Home Tour Blog

So many people are doing remodeling projects right now. Are you working on any rooms in your house at the moment?

We did a full renovation [and redesign by Kendall Simmons] to our home in 2018, but I’ve already got the itch to update our powder bathroom with some new wallpaper, sconces and decor… and my oldest daughter’s 9th birthday is coming up in March 2021 and she is begging for a more mature room to suit her boho style! 

What are some favorite details in your house? 

Our [Stray Dog] chartreuse pendants in our kitchen, the dark navy master bedroom, the colorful gallery wall on the staircase and the Schumacher Queen of Spain wallpaper in our dining room! 

Nashville Tash Home Tour Blog

Do you have a favorite memory in your current home?

Getting to see the full reveal once our renovation was complete. Every little detail down to the accessories were a 10-month long process and it was a dream come true to finally see it all complete!! It is the happiest home and fits our family personality so well. 

What are a few words or sentences that describe your outlook on life?

I’m always trying to focus on the positive aspects of life, so when you venture into our home, I hope it evokes excitement, color, joy and happiness.

Nashville Tash Home Tour Blog


On your website you say that you are an eternal optimist. How has optimism looked for you during this crazy year?

Oh goodness… I’d  say it’s been a daily challenge but I post positive quotes + affirmations each and every day to get my mindset right. It helps me think happy thoughts and focus on the good since 2020 is one no one will soon forget. Optimism for me this year is spending more time together as a family and making memories no matter what! 


How has this global pandemic affected you and your family? 

We’ve definitely learned the value of “home sweet home” and my getting creative with our time together. It’s been challenging learning on how to navigate our new “normal”, but it’s been comforting to know we have each other… plenty of game and movie nights, lots more baking in the kitchen with my daughters, so much more outdoor time with our dog and riding bikes in our neighborhood and spending long weekends away at our lake house for R&R.

Nashville Tash Home Tour Blog

Who is your favorite person or brand to follow on social media right now?

Ohhhhh that’s a hard one!! I love @mrsparanjape for home design, @oliviarink for fashion, @jessiejamesdecker for food and family and @malloryervin for life + style. 


Do you have any projects in the works right now that you are excited to share?

Yes! I am about to debut a new capsule collection of incredible personalized gifts with Clairebella Studio with custom prints that we designed together… items perfect for the holidays, including tumblers, notebooks, totes, mousepads, linen napkins and more. 


Want to see more from Natasha? Follow her here. 

Love her home design? Check out Kendall Simmons - we're big fans! All of the designs and photography is courtesy of her website here.

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