Stray Dog Digs: February

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Hello, Stray Dogs! 

Things are a little crazy all around the country right now. Weird how we are starting to get used to all the craziness... But now it's a snowpocalypse! 

We are very lucky to be in southeast Tennessee where the weather is almost always mild. It's still cold and dreary here so needless to say, we're looking forward to Spring. In the meantime, here's some things to keep you going...

Stray Dog Digs - Jane and Go Clean Co.

Jane, our amazing designer, has the cleaning bug right now and she's been loving Go Clean Co. She purchased and downloaded two manuals from their site on how to clean your house and do your laundry. 

She has learned how to properly fold towels and has gotten some stains out of clothing and cabinets that she never ever would have been able to before. She says she still can't fold a fitted sheet but maybe one day... 


Night On Earth Movie

Need a movie night in? Us too! Our resident movie connoisseur and web developer, Pete, has you covered with Night On Earth. This Jim Jarmusch.

We haven't seen it yet but Wikipedia says it's a collection of vignettes, all taking place during the same night. All of this is created around the temporary bound formed between taxi driver and passenger in five different cities: LA, New York, Paris, Rome, and Helsinki.

Get the Popcorn

Big news! Billy and Jane have purchased a house in Chattanooga that they will be using as an Airbnb and new office space for our Tennessee team. That's why we're recently inspired by AC Reeves and her use of community and Airbnb in Selma, Alabama. 

This article about AC is so good - she has big love for Selma and is creating some really special spaces for visitors of the city. 

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Della, our designer, is binge watching Blown Away on Netflix right now. It's a competition show with extremely skilled glass blowers. The show is totally fascinating, creative, and fun to watch. Plus, with shorter episodes, it's really hard to stop watching.

Next Episode, Please

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