Stray Dog Catching Press in 2020

Stray Dog Catching Press in 2020

Posted by Della Wheeler on

Stray Dog is no stranger to the pages of magazines and publications; we've been quite fortunate over the years to see our pieces in many different formats - from the well-loved to internationally known. 

2020 has been quite the year for all of us but even more so for the home and decor industry. Once everyone started spending more time at home, they saw opportunities to renovate, update, and spruce up their spaces. Because of this, we've seen an influx of press.

It's always nice to know that we aren't the only ones that love handmade SDD lighting and decor. Take a look at the highlights below: 


Stray Dog Designs John O Chandelier in At Home Magazine
The John O. is becoming a crowd favorite through social media and At Home Magazine agrees! When it comes to bold colors, we've got you covered. This red + eraser pink mashup is swoon-worthy. Shop the John O. here

Stray Dog Designs Uncle Walter Pendant
This kitchen design by Pamela Harvey is so cool! Super traditional design with a little funky lighting sprinkled in. The Uncle Walter is the perfect mix of traditional and funky if you ask us. Shop the Uncle Walter Pendant here

Stray Dog Designs Robin Staak Table Lamp in Country Living Magazine

Is the Robin Staak lamp our next home office essential? Why yes, yes it is. We love these recommendations for the newest most popular room in the house - the home office. Shop the Robin Staak Lamp here


Stray Dog Designs Artichoke Table Lamp in Better Homes and Gardens

Hello, Artichoke! Good to see you again. Absolutely loving this living room by Liz Strong. She's got style! Shop the Artichoke Table Lamp here


Stray Dog Designs Potted Orchid Objet in Elle Decor Magazine

This is perhaps the dreamiest scene we've seen this year. That tiny pink piano... get outta town! The potted orchid is just the icing on top of this one. Shop the Potted Orchid Objet here

Stray Dog Designs Coco Lantern in Luxe Interiors and Design


We can get behind pretty much any article about vivid colors! When we spotted our beloved Coco Lantern in this spread, we were so happy. Cue the color! Shop the Coco Lantern here

Stray Dog Designs Landon Chandelier in HGTV Magazine

This Stray Dog classic is still makin' the headlines! Go, Landon! We'd love to have all of these things for our next dining room remodel. Shop the Landon Chandelier here

Stray Dog Designs Little Girl Hanging Lantern in House and Garden

The Little Girl Hanging Lantern is catching some international attention here in the UK's edition of House and Garden. We always knew she was destined for greatness! Shop the Little Girl Lantern here


Want to see more press? There's a lot here...


Stray Dog Designs on Instagram

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