Staff Picks: May '22

Staff Picks: May '22

Posted by Della Wheeler on

What can we say? We're in love with our own products. That's why we decided to start a Staff Pick feature on our blog and to our email subscribers. 

That way you can see what's in our rotation and get a sneak peek of some Stray Dog products you might not see as often. Here's some of our favorites this month...

Jane, the designer behind your favorite Stray Dog Designs, picked the Victoria Robbins Table Lamp. 

She says, " Being a gemini, I switch favorites all the time. I think I will go with the Victoria Robbins table lamp. There is something about the kooky and oversized drooping blooms that I really like. And, of course, it always reminds me of the kooky and oversized personality it is named for... the wonderful educator extraordinaire, Victoria Robbins." 

Shop the Victoria Robbins Table Lamp Here. 

Co-Founder (and our guy who does it all), Billy, picked the Dahlia Cluster Table. Here's what he's got to say about this cute piece: 

"Nothing says the heart of summer as much as dahlias...and I think they are probably Jane's (our designer) favorite flower though I doubt she'd ever limit herself to such a statement (even though she has a dahlia garden). They are showy, and yet precariously balance their giant heads on thin stems. The Dahlia Cluster table brings all the Stray Dog Designs values into one item:
  • Unusual and practical
  • Handcrafted in such a style that it is bascially a functional piece of art
  • The national flower of Mexico (the tubers were grown as crop food by the Aztecs)
  • Showy yet not fussy
This item has long been one of my favorite and yet one of our underrated items from the Stray Dog Pack."


Della, our marketing extraordinaire, picked the Grady Floor Lamp. 

She says, "The Grady Floor lamp is *hands down* my favorite Stray Dog peice. If I had to pick just one SDD piece for my home, this would be it. Something about the simplicity, the timeless design, and (of course) the addition of the iconic SDD birds really makes my heart sing." 

Shop the Grady Floor Lamp Here

Santiago, our newest team member and customer service guru in San Miguel picked the Paulina Otomi Pendant (Good choice). 

He says, "My favorite is the Paulina Pendant because it's pretty colorful and that palette always reminds me of ancient cultures from South America (like the Otomies). Otomi designs always use these colors and forms and seeing it makes me so happy! I love to watch the way this light moves and casts different views from all angles."

Shop the Paulina Otomi Pendant Here

We also got to talk to one of our fave designers, Yancey Sibert, to see what her favorite piece is. She picked the Lotus Chandelier! 

Here's what Yancey had to say about this beauty:

"I love the Lotus Chandelier for its whimsical take on a 1960's Italian Tole chandelier.  Three colors are always a plus and how can you not smile when you see it?"

Shop the Lotus Chandelier Here

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