Pantone Color of the Year - Classic Blue

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Design by Mimi McAndrew, photo by Emily Gilbert


The Stray Dogs LOVE color, as you may know. We each have our favorite and they change week to week. We don't follow color trends or pay attention to the color of the year...perhaps we should. When Pantone released their color of the year for 2020, it caught our eye. Classic Blue is a "timeless, enduring blue" and it looks a whole lot like Down Pour Blue by Benjamin Moore, just a little lighter. 

We have gathered our favorite images of our products painted in Down Pour Blue. It is such a versatile color and really packs a punch! 


Kate H Design  

Design by Kate H Design, photo by Anagram Photo


Georgia Street Design Serena Chandelier

Design by Georgia Street Design, photo by Laura Sumrak


Mimi McAndrew Twiggy Chandelier

Design by Mimi McAndrew, photo by Emily Gilbert Photography


Liz Larmore Flower Wall Tiles

Design by Liz Larmore Design


 Hello Happiness Blog Planted Orchid

Design by Kendall Simmons Interiors, photo by Catherine Truman Photo 


Brooke Crew Interiors 

 Design by Brooke Crew Interiors, photo by T.K.Cunningham Photography


Creative Tonic Serena Chandelier 

Design by Creative Tonic, photo by Julie Soefer


Look, Linger Love Crunchberry Lamps

Design by Chassity Evans, photo by Abby Murphy Photo


The project with Robin Interiors Doris Kane Lantern 

Design by The Project with Robin Interiors, photo by Lauren Hagerstrom

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