The Stray Dog Way: A Joyful Space to Call Home

The Stray Dog Way: A Joyful Space to Call Home

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What do you think of when you hear the word 'home'?

Laura Ingalls Wilder said that, "Home is the nicest word there is." It's hard to argue with that. When we think of 'home' we think of feeling safe, welcome, and free. How lucky we are to feel that way! 

Now more than ever, our definition of home is changing. For some, home is now a place of work, a place of worship, a place of study, and a place where we are all spending increasingly more time. 

Because of this, our team has been recently graced with some beautiful home makeovers. We've seen all of our friends starting projects that they've been putting off simply because they have more time or maybe they've run out of excuses.

Here at Stray Dog, we think home should invoke feelings of joy. Today we're going to share with you our tips for bringing more joy into your home. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the transformation:  

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1. Enliven Your Entryway

Imagine this, you arrive home from a long day at work or a long trip to the grocery store. You are welcomed with a space that you truly love - cue the sighs of relief! That is what your entryway should feel like. 

Like a first impression, your entry is arguably the most important part of your home. We recommend a few things to make your entryway pop: 

  • Add a mirror - Mirrors are not only decorative pieces, they can also open up your space and enhance the quality of light. Not to mention you can check your outfit and makeup on your way out of the house! 
  • Use furniture that doubles as storage - When you arrive home, the entryway is a good way to rid yourself of shoes, bags, and keys. Take advantage of this space by adding ample storage and organization.
  • Add some flair with a gallery wall - Your gallery wall is the perfect place for family photos and statement artwork! Your visitors will love this special glimpse into your life.

    2. Consider More Color 

    For over 25 years, Stray Dog has been rockin' bright and funky colors. As of late, design trends have gravitated towards minimalism and neutral tones. We love this because there's even more opportunity to add pops of color into your home. 

    By now, you've heard of the psychology of color. It has a huge impact on your mood! So choose colors you love and don't be shy. You've got no one else to please but you and your family!

    Not sure where to start? Think about these tips: 

      • Paint one wall - Accent walls are all the rage right now. You can pick a bold contrasting color from everything else in your living room. Or, go for a more subtle look by painting the wall a tone darker or lighter than everything else in your space. 
      • Use pillows and fabrics - Sometimes all a bland space needs is some fun, bright pillows. Choose a few and watch your space transform. 
      • Look down - Is your floor a blank slate? Look for rugs that make a statement! 
      • Add plants or flowers - House plants are our friends! You can also regularly change color out by adding seasonal flowers. Not much of a green thumb? Check out our objets for plants and pets that never perish!


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    3. Clear the Clutter

    De-cluttering is so IN right now. Just think about Marie Kondo and the Minimalist movement. People are really starting to see that less really could be more. Who knew?! 

    When it comes to clearing out the clutter, don't be afraid. With this, taking small steps can lead to big results: 

    • Clean your drawers out one at a time
    • Get rid of books you'll never read again 
    • Donate clothes you don't wear anymore 
    • Clean out the toys that the kids have grown out of

    Even doing these four things could make your space feel lighter and more spacious. Who doesn't need that?

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    4. Make a Statement

    Stray Dogs don't shy away from statement pieces - heck, our whole brand was built on them! The foundation of your home decor can be built on basics but don't forget to be fearless with the pieces that make your space POP! 

    Not sure how to make a statement yet? Think about the easy add-ons:

    • Funky lighting
    • Colorful rugs, pillows, and other fabrics
    • Unique furniture 
    • One of a kind artwork 
    • Souvenirs or photos that bring back favorite memories 


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