Before there was Pumpkin Spice, there was Pumpkin Blush

Before there was Pumpkin Spice, there was Pumpkin Blush

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Last week we woke up to the first feeling of autumn in the air. It was dry and cool enough to *think* about wearing long pants. It has since shot up into the 90's, we are hoping fall is right around the corner! The change of the seasons is a time of renewal, of change. We love the sights of apples at the farmers market and pumpkins on porches. We might even think about switching out our shorts for sweaters and iced coffees for cappuccinos. But not just yet...

Pumpkin Blush Tulip Table

 {Pumpkin Blush Tulip Table}

While we prefer our pumpkin spice in our pumpkin pies, we do like the color and the feeling of fall it evokes. For the last 10 years, we have been using Benjamin Moore's Pumpkin Blush in our line up of colors. It's always had it's place with the aqua's, greens and pinks we hand pick for our products. Here are some of our favorite Pumpkin Blush products in the wild. 


Shelia Youngblood House

{A Sarah Lamp in the home of Shelia Youngblood}
Photo by Wynn Myers. Featured in Texas Monthly

 Toledo Gellar Tilda Table

{The Tilda Table in this sweet bedroom.}
Interior Design by Toledo Gellar Photo by Jacob Snavely 


Kelly Nelson Designs

{Two Girly Lanterns in Pumpkin Blush}
Design by Kelly Nelson Designs Photo by Albert Yee

Annie DOwning Interiors

 {A Pumpkin Blush Serena Chandelier makes a statement!}

Lucy and Company

{We love the Tropical Mirror in Pumpkin Blush!}
Bathroom design by Lucy and Company. Photo by Mekenzie France


Thanks for following along! We are so thankful for our talented designers who make our products look good! If you have a high res image you would like to submit fro our Gallery, click HERE. Don't forget to tag us in your Insta posts too! We love seeing our Designs in the wild!

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