Stray Dog Digs: May '23

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Hey, y'all! Stray Dog Spring is in Full Swing!

We're not sure about you all but we've got the travel bug this spring. The Pritchard Family (Billy + Jane, our owners) just got back from a big Italian tour. Santiago (our office manager in Mexico) just got back from San Carlos for a wedding. And Della (our marketing manager) just had a long girl's trip to Hot Springs, NC.

Thus, our Stray Dog Digs this month is travel themed. We hope you'll enjoy our recommendations and be sure to book your next trip. 'Tis the season, right?!

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"This was a ridiculously beautiful, small hotel/guest house situation where we stayed for a couple of days in the south of Puglia. Basically a museum... it is so stuffed with amazing art and artifacts from Africa, India, etc. It was a complete visual feast! The gardens were beyond beautiful, as well. Oh, and all in a divine 15th century convent... thus the name."

- Our designer and Stray Dog co-owner, Jane 

A visual feast

"This last weekend, I spent time in San Carlos for a friend's wedding. I've never been to Sonora and I found it to be so beautiful. It was probably one of the best places to catch a sunset that I've ever seen in my life. Also, there is a bunch of wildlife in and around the ocean - it's near a desert so it's a very cool contrast. There's lots of fun to be had in San Carlos - renting boats, eating delicious food, and lots of tourist attractions." 

- Our office manager in Mexico, Santiago 

Book a trip

"There is no shortage of galleries and historic places to go in Rome, but one of my favorites is the Galleria Doria Pamphilj.  It is a bit astounding that one family (they had a pope in there to boot) could muster this kind of wealth and collection of art, but to venture into their pad and have a look at how the Uber wealthy live for generations is a bit mind boggling. It is also in the heart of Rome and yet not thronged with tourists."

- Co-owner and customer service guru, Billy 


"As we are mostly Italian on this month's post, our dear friend of Margaret Proctor who for years was the queen of Italian ceramics, has now pulled her gaze homeward and is making a beautiful line of furniture from American White Oak. Check out her work, made in her hometown of Montgomery, Alabama."

- Co-owner and customer service guru, Billy 

Made in Alabama

"Hot Springs was such a lovely destination for a girl's weekend to celebrate my friend's birthday. We had a blast hiking around the area (it sits on the Appalachian Trail), perusing at local shops, and soaking in the natural mineral springs. It's quaint while also being just breathtakingly beautiful." 

- Stray Dog marketing manager, Della 

Mountain Escape

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