Stray Dog Digs: December

Stray Dog Digs: December

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Good morning and Happy Wednesday! If you subscribe to our newsletter, you've probably started to see our monthly Stray Dog Digs dropping in your inbox. It's a compilation of things our team has been digging lately.

Here at Stray Dog, we do more than design funky lighting and home decor. We're podcast listeneres, bakers, music lovers, readers, and so much more. 

If you don't subscribe to our newsletter, what are you waiting for?! We're not much on spam. But if you'd rather read a blog post and get some more info, this is your place to get the goods. Here's what's in our rotation right now: 

Stray Dog Digs - Kate Roebuck
Kate Roebuck's Linen Collection

Esme, our press guru, has been loving Kate Roebuck's collection of linens and fabrics. Kate is a local artist here in Chattanooga that is well known for her word paintings and abstracts. We've always adored her work so our minds were blown when she started doing fabrics. 

Esme recently had some shades made in her Emerald Fuchsia pattern. These are printed to order on heavyweight montgomery linen which is a 100% linen perfect for curtains, pillows, and upholstery. 

If you're not needing linens, Kate's artwork is iconic. And she's a lot of fun to follow on Instagram too.

Brushy One String

Brushy One String

Recently our graphic designer, Della, went down a Youtube rabbit hole and found a magical man from Jamaica that plays a guitar with one string. The way he plays music is absolutely entrancing. 

Even more entrancing is his story: "Orphaned at a young age, the thoughtful singer-songwriter did not learn to read until adulthood. But he came by his musical abilities honestly. Brushy tried his hand and voice at many styles, including playing pans on the street as a child. He even played guitar for a while as a youngster. 'I didn't really know how to play, and I played so hard, all the strings broke,' he recalls. 'So the guitar just went under the bed.' That is, until he had a vision, a dream in which he was told to play the one-string guitar."

The rest is history... Some of his most popular tunes are Chicken in the Corn and Rising Up. He even has a NPR Tiny Desk Concert. Top notch! 

*also big thanks to Playing for Change for helping us out with some of his history.

Boys and Girls Club
Adopt a Family for the Holidays

Jane, Billy, and their family adopted a family for the holidays through the Boys and Girls club of Chattanooga. When you do this, you receive one family in need that you can send gifts. This can be toys, clothing, and even food. We figured every year there are plenty of families in need but this year we felt a special pull to help out. 

The Boys and Girls Club is dedicated to creating a brighter and safer future for kids all around the country. Most cities have a chapter - if you also feel a pull to help out, check them out here.

Voices of Freedom by Henry Hampton

Voices of Freedom

Billy, our customer service expert, has been reading Voices of Freedom by Henry Hampton. He's been keeping it on his bedside and taking it in bits.

Billy said, "A recounting of one of the most pivotal and sad chapters of US history, the Civil Rights Era. The book recants the pivotal points of the Civil Rights Movement, gives a quick historical recap then lets the story be told through the voices around it: black, white, male, female, old, young, persons of authority, organizers, victims and villains. You feel like a fly on the wall of one of America's most important and sad chapters of history."

If you love history and have been seeking resources on this topic, check out the book here.

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