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San Miguel de Allende

January 15, 2018

San Miguel de Allende


Rosewood (luxury and lovely)
Matilda (hip elegance)
Casa de Olivos (simple and sweet)
Casa Schuck (old school charmer)
Casa No Name (never stayed, always admired)
Casa 1810 (hidden Colonel beauty)
Sierra Nevada (the original San Miguel Luxury hotel)


If you want a house, here are a couple of our friends comfy pads we love that fit 8.

Casa del Toro


Manantiel (when you have a hankering for a ginger margarita and artichoke inside a hundred year old cantina)
La Azotea (rooftop bar. don’t forget to get a jicama taco)
Rosewood’s "Luna" rooftop bar. Fantastic view and great service. Arrive early for sunset.
El Gato Negro (if you want a real live Cantina... Note the trough at the bar so in the old days you never had to leave the bar to go to the bathroom). Its not clean, but it is probably the cheapest bar in town.


Trazo Bar & Restaurant $$$ (inside Hotel 1810. Great eats, then head upstairs to outside porch)
La Parda $$ (Peruvian restaurant par excellence. Pisco sours. )
La Brasilia $ (The best Al Pastor tacos. How is it every time we go with a group of 8 we leave full and have had beers and it is always $20...TOTAL!)
Andy’s Tacos $ (Recommended by Pete Pritchard, the unofficial "aficionado of tacos" as the best street tacos in the universe. The official name is Tres Hermanos, but one of the brothers shot one of the others so we don’t know if the name is now Dos Hermanos—and we are not asking. The stand opens up around 9 or 10 in the evening and goes all night).
Buen Dia $ (Juan Carlos is the king barista of cappuccinos, and the best breakfast prices in town.)
La Vanda $$ (great breakfast, but you have to negotiate the wait...)
Pazoleria $ (if you love pozole, then this little place is it.)
The Restaurant $$$ (a comfortable favorite. Chef Donnie Masterson never fails here.International cuisine.)
Garambullo $ breakfast delight
Don Ciro’s Gorditas $ on the turnoff Xote & Taboada about 6 minutes outside of town. He started under the shade of the tree. Then had tarps that hung from the tree. Then tables and fencing. This jewel of a roadside restaurant serves up the best gorditas in town. Great stop if you go visit Atoetonilco & the Santuario.
El Vergel $$$ An Oasis of a beautifully tailored restaurant outside of town. Our go to Sunday brunch.


Juana Carta
Sollano 16
Camilo Silvestre