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Mrs. English Table lamp in Black

Since the beginning we have named all of our lamps after our friends, family and sometimes, our MVP customers. Last year, a man named Mr. English called to order a set of our Flower Wall Tiles for his wife. It was a splurge for him, but it was his wife's Christmas present! When the set arrived, he emailed us to tell us he was missing one of the 1 of the 9 tiles, OOPS! He sent us a photo if the tiles hung, obviously missing the 9th one. He also sent along a tour of all the Stray Dog Designs pieces in their historic Norfolk, Virginia house. It was quite the walk down memory lane. A Seaweed Chandelier in the kitchen, a Sandy Glass Lamp in the hall...it was so cool to see this collection of our pieces.

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Meet Maggie Mielczarek, an artist, mom and business owner. She started her fabric/pillow/accessory business, Leland Gal, three years when all the pieces suddenly fell into place. She has a little shop in Leland, Michigan, open seasonally, where she sells her colorful designs. All of her fabrics are her own painted designs turned into patterns. Maggie uses her soundings in Michigan to inspire her patterns: Birch trees, canoes, sail boats and cherries. Her patterns are so fun and we can’t wait to see our lighting paired with Leland Gal. Step into her colorful world to see why we are inspired by Maggie and Leland Gal!

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South of Boston there is a tiny coastal town called Hingham, MA. In this town there is a little shop called Delicious Designs owned by Roberta Sobran. Her shop is filled with fabric, lighting, furniture and of course some Stray Dog Designs. Roberta is a talented designer who puts together tranquil, modern spaces with fun pops of color. She is also a photographer and you can see (and order) her beautiful photographs on her website. Check out the interview below to learn more about Roberta and find out why we are inspired by Delicious Designs.

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Kate Roebuck is the bomb. I knew this fact before I even met her. I became obsessed with her Oxford, MS house (and her collection of Hable Construction bags) when I spotted it in Anthology Magazine a few years ago. Then she moved to Chattanooga and now she is my neighbor. She has a great little bungalow that I love visiting because it is an outward expression of her fun and funky style. (And it is in no way childproofed, which is something I long for.) Kate is a talented artist and I am always inspired by her paintings, weavings and personal style. 

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Twenty years ago this woman waltzed into our lives. 

We weren’t sure what to make of her…and for those of you who know her…you know just what I mean.

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